Osakis Police Blotter: May 19-25

Police car


May 19

Patrol school area, 1st Avenue E.

Animal complaint, yellow lab and husky running around, owners picked up dogs, 3rd Avenue E.

Parking complaint, warning for parking violation, yellow line, 1st Avenue E.


Public assist, caller has questions regarding a warning he was given for tint.

Parking complaint, trailer parked in roadway with no truck attached, person advised he will work on moving it, 1st Avenue E.

Traffic stop, warning, 1st Avenue E.

Public assist, transporting juvenile female to residence, Nokomis Street W.

May 20

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Escort with fire department for track team going to state, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, no transport, Main Street E.


Juvenile trouble, complaint of assault on school bus, person states that another person took a swing at her, 1st Avenue E.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Nuisance violation, requested by CLEO to leave notice for property owner that the next day is clean-up day and to get help taking his junk away, after that he will be given a few weeks to clean up or be fined, door hanger left, Lake Street E.

Assist other agency, FTA settlement conference on domestic disorderly, person arrested, 7th Avenue W, Alexandria .

Business/grounds check, Nokomis Street W.

Grounds check,

May 21

Public assist, clean-up day.


Lost dog, someone found dog and called owner, County Road 51.

Medical, transported, Oak Street W.

Harassment, caller wants to speak to officer about harassing text messages from unknown sender, has been getting 14 messages a day from adult sites, was informed it's happening to others also and not to click links, was told to get her phone number changed and see if that stops it, Main Street W.

Public assist, pick up person from ER and bring him home, 17th Avenue E, Alexandria.

Domestic, caller's daughter's husband is drunk and wants his pain pills, person 1 got ride with his mother to her residence for the night, person 2 turned over med and they were given to the mother, Main Street W.

Patrol, checked area and locked restrooms.

May 22

Medical, no transport, 1st Avenue E.


Report of 3 dogs running around the area, 2nd Avenue E.

Medical, transported, 3rd Avenue W.

Drunk, caller states her son is intoxicated and arguing with her and punching the dash, son stated he was angry because they are unable to have a conversation without it getting out of control, continued travel to cities, Nokomis Street E.

Education/presentation, Cub Scout cross over.

Patrol, checked area and locked restrooms.

May 23

Medical, false alarm, Main Street W.

Medical, pendant push, no answer, no transport, Main Street W.


School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Education/presentation, ECFE at police department office, Nokomis Street E.

Education/presentation, bike safety with kindergarten students, 4th Avenue W.

Education/presentation, ECFE Headstart class, Nokomis Street E.

Patrol, after school traffic, 1st Avenue E.

Traffic stop, citation, Calvary Road SE.

Traffic stop, citation, 4/27.

May 24


Warning for parking in no parking zone, Central Avenue.

School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Graduation practice, 1st Avenue E.

After school traffic, 1st Avenue E.

Assist other agency, juvenile warrant, FTA CHIPS petition -truency, hold in non-secure detention facility until next hearing, 7th Avenue W, Alexandria.

Traffic stop, warning, Central Avenue.

May 25

Warning for speed in school zone, 1st Avenue E.

School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Public assist, questions about doctor's orders, Oak Street W.

Traffic stop, warning, 51/151st.

Traffic stop, warning, Central Avenue.

Utility call, cable line down, Lake Street E.

Traffic stop, warning, 6th Avenue E.

Traffic stop, citation, County Road 51.

Suspicious activity, report that someone on Craigslist is trying to falsely rent a house, attempted to contact person, person swore at officer and hung up, emailed Craigslist LE department and stated the address listed was a scam, 3rd Avenue W.

Traffic stop, warning, 4th Avenue W.

Stopped for tint, person arrested for DAC-IPS, male transported to jail for booking and release, 3rd Avenue W.

Application for permit to purchase handgun, Nokomis Street E.

Traffic stop, warning, 4th Avenue E.

Criminal damage to property, caller states her internet boxes outside her house have been damaged, appears a tall vehicle may have caught the cable wire, cable company coming to fix, Lake Street E.

Loose dog, returned to family visiting Tip Top, 3rd Avenue W.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Checked area and locked restrooms.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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