Osakis Police Blotter: March 2-8

Police car


March 2

Four citations for parking between 2 and 5 a.m., Main Street.

Patrol 1st Avenue E.

Escort for wrestling team, I-94/State Highway 27.


Public assist, caller stating his ex-girlfriend is threatening to throw his belongings out, just wanted it documented, spoke with person who said she was just upset and will not throw anything out, gave her the Someplace Safe phone number, Oak Street E.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

March 3

Four citations for parking violations, Main Street and Pike Street.

Patrol at start of school, 1st Avenue E.

DARE education presentation.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for stop sign, 1st Avenue E.


Warning for speed, County Road 3 SE.

Wallet found and left at police department, returned to owner, 8th Avenue E.

Key ring found in parking lot, returned to owner, 1st Avenue E.

Caller wanted to know about parking a dump trailer on the street while cleaning out apartment, Main Street W.

Caller had questions about snow removal, Main Street E.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Driving complaint, car all over the road, County Road 82 SE, Alexandria.

Vehicle stopped for driving on shoulder without headlights, driver admitted to one glass of wine, PBT BAC of .121, citation for 4th degree DWI, arrest, vehicle towed to impound, County Road 2 SE.


Warning for driving conduct, 27/37.

Warning for not stopping before stop sign, Main Street W.

March 4

Attempt to locate, PC to arrest for 5th degree domestic assault, known to carry knife, held knife to his throat prior night, if located contact Grant County.

March 5

Warning for speed, citation for expired registration and no proof of insurance, 1st Avenue E.

Citation for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Parking complaint, citation for parking wrong direction, Main Street W.


Citation for stop sign violation, warning for driving without due care and driver's license address, Nokomis Street E, Alexandria.

Warning for stop sign violation, Lake Street E.

March 6

Four citations for on-street parking midnight to 6 a.m., Main Street and Oak Street.

Parking violation, snowbird, towed for snow removal, Central Avenue.

Public assist, female needing assistance in contacting an Osakis resident, 9th Avenue.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Public assist, person came to office to pay tow bill and parking tickets, will pick up vehicle later, Nokomis Street E.


Warrant, failure to appear 5th degree false name, no contact, Oak Street W.

Patrol, no contact, Main Street W.

Warning for headlight out, Nokomis.

Information, attempt to locate adult, missing and believed to be in presence of son, may be in duress and held against his will by son, extreme risk to officer safety as person is former police officer and has severe mental health, residence in St. Cloud was barricaded and appeared to be prepared for an armed standoff, long guns from residence are missing.

March 7

Citation for winter parking violation, Central Avenue.

Patrol at start of school, 1st Avenue E.

School patrol, warning for tint, 1st Avenue E.


Permit to purchase handgun, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for headlight out, 4th Avenue W.

Warning for headlight out, 2nd Avenue W.

March 8

Two citations for winter parking violations.

Patrol at start of school, 1st Avenue E.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Citation for parking in front of fire plug, 1st Avenue E.

Vehicle unlock, Nokomis Street W.

Patrol at basketball game, 1st Avenue E.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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