Osakis Police Blotter: July 28 - August 3

Police car


July 28

Assist State Patrol with possible domestic on I-94.

Animal complaint by email of dog barking, no dogs barking at the time, left notice on door, Oak Street W.

Neighbor dispute, neighbor sprayed Round Up along fence and killed grass, he will replant if caller is OK with that and not do it again, Queen Street W.


Littering complaint, caller stated large amount of garbage was put in dumpsters, will go through mail that was recovered.

Long hair cat missing, Oak Street W.

July 29

Public assist, caller had sick pet, checked and it was deceased, Oak Street W.

Background check for city, Nokomis Street E.

Anonymous barking dog complaint, heard no barking, Oak Street W.

Funeral escort, Nokomis Street W.

Five record checks for employment, Nokomis Street E.


Caller would like to talk to an officer about his high anxiety and depression, ambulance requested and transported.

Harassment, black truck keeps driving by caller's house, ongoing issue, Main Street W.

Lift station alarm, city employee notified, 8th Avenue E.

Warning for speed, citation for driving after revocation, 1st Avenue E.

July 30

Attempt to locate and check welfare, last located heading east on I-94.

Open garage door, closed, Nestor Street.

Laundry basket with clothes and food on roadway, picked up and placed at city hall, 4th Avenue E.


Funeral escort request, no longer needed, Nokomis Street W.

Caller would like welfare check on tenant, hasn't seen person for more than a month and not answering phone, no answer, appeared to be vacant, Main Street W.

Medical, non emergency transport, Main Street W.

July 31

Medical, transported, Oak Street W.

Medical, transported, Pike Street E.

911 hang-up, medical, transported, Oak Street W.

August 1


Driving complaint, report of person pouring a beer out while driving, spoke with and warned owner, 5th Avenue E.

Assist, request by TSO, check for vehicles belonging to warrant suspect in domestic, none located, Main Street W.

False alarm, commercial burglary, Central Avenue.

Checked area and locked restrooms.

August 2

False alarm, emergency exit door, Main Street W.

Theft of bike, silver Bria step through with basket, last seen at residence, 4th Avenue W.

Funeral escort, blocked traffic, 1st Avenue E.


Public assist, medical, transported, Osage Street E.

Caller wants to speak to law enforcement in reference to neighbor overspraying Round Up into her yard, Queen Street.

Lost hat.

Suspicious activity, several prank calls, spoof number, unable to locate owner, informed to block, Lake Street.

Lost wallet while visiting resorts.

POR change of information, needed new picture, Nestor Street E.

Checked area and locked restrooms.

Warning for stop sign violation, I-94/State Highway 27.


August 3

911 hang-up, open line, transported, Oak Street W.

False alarm, emergency exit, Main Street W.

Public assist, transported person from ER to Osakis, 17th Avenue E, Alexandria.

Medical, no transport, Lake Street E.

Funeral escort, 1st Avenue E.

Driving complaint, caller would like to speak to officer about person driving with revoked license, Nestor Street E.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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