Several local races spice up elections in Douglas County

Nicole Mace wins a spot on the Alexandria City Council

Election judges Jackie Skoglund, front right, and Tiffany Heinrich turn in ballots from the City of Nelson to Jill Frisell, county finance director at the Douglas County Auditor's Office Tuesday night's General Election.
Al Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

DOUGLAS COUNTY โ€” Several races at the most local level โ€” city councils, school boards, mayor โ€” were decided during the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Here's a rundown of the contested races:

City of Alexandria
Ward 4 council member
Nicole Mace, winner โ€” 470 (64.74%).
Ronald Sik โ€” 252 (34.71%).
Mace said the victory was a memorable one.
"My immediate feelings when the results were read to me was relief of course!" she said in an email to the Echo Press. "Having received two-thirds of the votes I felt overwhelming gratitude for all of the people that chose vote for me! I am humbled to be elected to represent Ward 4 and thankful of the support I received from my friends and neighbors."
She added she was hopeful going into Election Day. "I worked hard to connect with my neighbors and earn their votes."
Her next step, she said, will be to connect with her fellow city council members and Mayor Bobbie Osterberg to get up to speed on current business.
"My goals are to continue to foster a growing, healthy community in Alexandria," Mace said. "I am looking forward to jumping right in and serving my community."


City of Brandon
Three candidates for two council positions
Jordyn Bossert, winner โ€” 161 (44.23%)
Jesse Beaumia, winner โ€” 123 (33.79%)
Kevin Wade Challes โ€” 74 (20.33%)

City of Carlos
Todd Burgess, winner โ€” 105 (51.98%)
Kelly Kees โ€” 65 (31.19%)
Lyle Yochim โ€” 32 (15.84%)
Also, three candidates for two spots, special council election
Ashley Wildman, winner โ€” 101 (35.94%)
Ronna Berghoff, winner โ€” 100 (35.59%)
Diane Rounds โ€” 74 (26.33%)


Carlos Township
Ballot question โ€” bill residents for placing snow in road right-of-way
Yes โ€” 838 (64.76%)
No โ€” 456 (35.24%)

City of Evansville
Special council election
Michael Hudson, winner โ€” 116 (54.72%)
Emmitt Messer โ€” 93 (43.87%)

City of Kensington
Three candidates for two council positions
Brock Green, winner โ€” 92 (39.32%)
Joe Miles, winner โ€” 87 (37.18%)
Jared Johnson โ€” 49 (20.94%)

City of Miltona
Alan Bettermann, winner โ€” 125 (62.81%)
Brian Carpenter โ€” 69 (34.67%)
Also, five candidates for two council seats
Kevin Lee, winner โ€” 110 (31.52%)
Joseph Leesch, winner โ€” 97 (27.79%)
Mickey Lint โ€” 63 (18.05%)
Pam Ward โ€” 45 (12.89%)
David Ward โ€” 31 (8.88%)

City of Osakis
Three candidates for two council positions
Laura Backes, winner โ€” 401 (38.52%)
Stephanie Finnegan, winner โ€” 352 (33.81%)
Randy Anderson โ€” 276 (26.51%)
(In Todd County: Backes โ€” 50, Anderson โ€” 45 and Finnegan โ€” 40.)

Osakis School Board
Five candidates for three spots
Corey Goodwin, winner โ€” 667 (27.45%)
Jeffrey Kalpin, winner โ€” 537 (22.10%)
Greg Faber, winner โ€” 470 (19.34%)
Jonathan Ries โ€” 414 (17.04%)
Fran Breiter โ€” 329 (13.54%)
(In Todd County: Goodwin โ€” 524, Kalpin โ€” 396, Faber โ€” 392, Reis โ€” 317 and Breiter โ€” 266.)

Minnewaska School Board
(Douglas County results)
Six candidates for three positions
Ted Reichmann โ€” 28 (28.28%)
Will Harvey โ€” 26 (26.26%)
Amanda Ogdahl โ€” 18 (18.18%)
Miriah Cassidy โ€” 11 (11.11%)
Zachery Lagred โ€” 9 (9.09%)
Randall Sander โ€” 7 (7.07%)
Also, two candidates for another school board position
(Douglas County results)
Justin Zavadil โ€” 25 (67.57%)
Lisa Martin โ€” 11 (29.73%)

West Central Area School Board
(Douglas County results)
Six candidates for three positions
Anthony Green โ€” 291 (26.89%)
Dale Rau โ€” 268 (24.77%)
Persephone England โ€” 218 (20.15%)
Sara Strunk โ€” 114 (10.54%)
Michelle Nessman โ€” 104 (9.61%)
Jared Olson โ€” 86 (7.95%)


Parkers Prairie School Board
(Douglas County results)
Five candidates for four positions
Christy Hart โ€” 255 (24.03%)
Brad Ost โ€” 252 (23.75%)
Steven Inwards โ€” 205 (19.32%)
Judith Moeller โ€” 196 (18.47%)
Shawn Hoemberg โ€” 149 (14.04%)
Also, expiring capital project levy authorization
(Douglas County results)
Yes โ€” 236 (64.84%)
No โ€” 128 (35.16%)

Al Edenloff is the editor of the twice-weekly Echo Press. He started his journalism career when he was in 10th grade, writing football and basketball stories for the Parkers Prairie Independent.
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