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What's coming up for the Douglas County Commissioners

Douglas County Courthouse

Douglas County Board of Commissioners
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 4

Location: Douglas County Administration Building Board Room, 821 Cedar St., Alexandria

9 a.m. Call to order, approve agenda, approve minutes of March 21 regular meeting

9:02 a.m. Chad Larson, county attorney

  1. Opioid resolution โ€“ action

9:05 a.m. Heather Schlangen, county coordinator


  1. Results of performance evaluations โ€“ informational
  2. Emergency 911 coordinator grade โ€“ action
  3. Amended memorandum of agreement - license bureau clerks โ€“ action
  4. Amended memorandum of agreement - AFSCME - SS Union โ€“ action
  5. Public Works council union contract โ€“ action
  6. Teamster jail/dispatcher/STS union contract โ€“ action
  7. Teamster supervisor union contract โ€“ action

9:15 a.m. Troy Wolbersen, sheriff

  1. Resolution โ€“ Honor Guard donation โ€“ action
  2. Resolution โ€“ 2023 MN DNR Annual Boat and Water Safety Grant โ€“ action

9:20 a.m. Dawn Dailey, library director

  1. Request to fill part-time library clerk vacancy โ€“ action
  2. Request to fill full-time library clerk vacancy โ€“ action

9:22 a.m. Tim Erickson, public works director-county engineer

  1. Award bids: SAP 021-682-026 โ€“ action
  2. Award bids: SAP 021-030-002 โ€“ action
  3. Award bids: 2023 pavement markings โ€“ action
  4. Approve advertising for 2023 chloride โ€“ action
  5. Approve fence at Pilgrim Point โ€“ action
  6. Approve skid loader purchase โ€“ action
  7. Approve updated 2023 special assessments and loan adjustments โ€“ action
  8. CD 17 drainage request โ€“ action
  9. JCD 2 Br 6 drainage request โ€“ informational
  10. Approve 2023 drainage report โ€“ action
  11. Approve out-of-state travel โ€“ action
  12. Approve filling vacancy: E-911 coordinator โ€“ action

10:07 a.m. Break

10:12 a.m. Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services director

  1. Resolution โ€“ Douglas County Opioid Task Force and screening โ€“ action
  2. Approve vacancy and reclassify position โ€“ action
  3. Financial Assistance Program updates โ€“ informational

10:26 a.m. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Management director

  1. Licenses โ€“ action
  2. Final plat โ€“ Lake Carlos Bay โ€“ action
  3. Final plat โ€“ Longview Estates โ€“ action
  4. Final plat โ€“ Alcorn Estate โ€“ action
  5. County feedlot 2022 annual report โ€“ action
  6. AIS Report on 2022 activities โ€“ informational
  7. AIS prevention activities 2023 workplan and budget โ€“ action
  8. Long Prairie River Watershed collaborative fiscal agent agreement โ€“ action

11:11 a.m. Break

11:16 a.m. Emajean Hanson-Ford, executive director, Douglas County HRA


  1. New HRA director โ€“ informational

11:21 a.m. Jeff Linn, DATA trails

  1. Resolution โ€“ DATA county sponsorship FY 2024 โ€“ action

11:26 a.m. Blair Mace, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  1. James and Joan Burkett โ€“ habitat easement โ€“ action
  2. Thomas and Ramona Slack โ€“ wetland easement โ€“ action
  3. Tomas and Ramona Slack โ€“ habitat easement โ€“ action

11:36 a.m. Vicki Doehling, auditor-treasurer

  1. Resolution โ€“ gambling permits โ€“ action
  2. Request for abatement of penalty and interest โ€“ action

11:39 a.m. Jill Frisell, finance director

  1. Bills โ€“ action

11:41 a.m. Board

  1. Per diems โ€“ action
  2. Gym โ€“ action

11:46 a.m. Closed session: The meeting will be closed as permitted by section 13D.05, subdivision 3(a), to evaluate the performance of the following non-elected department heads: Rod Naab, facilities maintenance director

11:56 a.m. Items from the floor โ€“ 3 minutes



These items are as of March 29 and are subject to change.

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