Law Enforcement Blotter: May 28-31


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Friday, May 28

Driving complaint, report of vehicle varying speed and all over the road, transferred to State Patrol, I-94.

Property damage crash, Burlington Road NW, Brandon.

Assist other agency, I-94.


Criminal damage to property, caller reported someone tried to break into his truck, also tried taking catalytic converter, Central Avenue S, Brandon.

Driving complaint, caller driving semi reported a squad car pulled out in front of him, had to hit brakes to slow down, County Road 5 NE, Carlos.

Stolen vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Personal injury crash, roll-over, County Road 7 NW, Brandon.

Personal injury crash, car upside down, one person arrested for blood draw, Arne Lee Road NW, Evansville.

Public assist, "slow" sign in middle of road, moved, East Lake Carlos Drive NE, Carlos.

Saturday, May 29

Assist other agency, Parkview Road NE.


Motorist assist, I-94, mile marker 97.

Property damage crash, Busch Road SE.

Criminal damage to property, mail box damaged, Winter Green NW.

Theft, batteries taken from truck, County Road 65 NE, Carlos.

Assist other agency, Hawthorne Street.

Property damage crash, County Road 82 SE.

Public assist, State Street, Evansville.

Dog bite, Central Avenue N, Kensington.


Abandoned vehicle, Latoka Beach Road SW.

Public assist, County Road 64 NE, Miltona.

Motorist assist, County Road 10 SE, Osakis.

Property damage crash, I-94, Evansville.

Motorist assist, I-94, Brandon.

Assist other agency, 8th Avenue W, Osakis.

Driving complaint, 1st Avenue, Evansville.

Sunday, May 30


Traffic hazard, piece of wood in lane, I-94.

Found property, rifle on side of road, W Johanna Avenue, Nelson.

Driving complaint, driving fast and weaving, I-94, Osakis.

Driving complaint, swerving, County Road 1 SW, Kensington.

Criminal damage to property, door kicked in, Maple Lake Road SE, Glenwood.

Drunk, intoxicated male, 1st Street, Miltona.

Drunk driver complaint, Brophy Park Road NW.

Noise complaint, East Lake Cowdry Road NW.


Assist other agency, male almost hit child, 6th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, 3rd Avenue W.

Motorist assist, County Road 13 NE.

Assist other agency, motorist assist, I-94.

Threats, threatening texts, W Lake Jessie Drive SE.

Monday, May 31

Threats, in parking lot, County Road 4 SE.

Property damage crash, I-94, Evansville.


Motorist assist, County Road 12 NW, Garfield.

Driving complaint, swerving all over road, unable to locate, I-94.

Property damage hit and run, County Road 10.

Driving complaint, unable to locate, I-94.

Driving complaint, sideswiped, I-94, Brandon.

Assist other agency, Autumn Drive NW.

Driving complaint, cut off and threatened, County Road 21 SW.

Assist other agency, I-94.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported people camping and smoking pot and drinking around children, person arrested for controlled substance and minor consumption, person arrested for DANCO violation, County Road 108, Brandon.


Friday, May 28

Theft, work trailer broke into and tools taken, South Le Homme Dieu Drive NE.

Public assist, person fell over but not hurt, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, taxi inspection, 3rd Avenue W.

Public assist, vehicle taken from location, searched last know locations, State Highway 29 S.

Stolen vehicle, Broadway Street.

Theft, from storage unit, North Mckay Avenue.

Drug related activity, marijuana smell, checked hallway but could not locate, 7th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, traffic control for tow, I-94.

Wallet found, contacted owner, County Road 42 NE.

Noise complaint, loud music from bar, County Road 22 NW.

Public assist, 50th Avenue W.

Saturday, May 29

Property damage crash, one vehicle, flipped over, 44th Avenue W.

Shoplifting, State Highway 29 S.

Suspicious person, report that ex is trying to get into house and slashed her tires, no damage, Hawthorne Street.

Traffic hazard, hole in road, 7th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, no damage, Broadway Street.

Drug related activity, person smells marijuana near park, officer smelled skunk smell, no one in park, Parkview Road NE.

Sunday, May 30

Shooting complaint, person thought she heard gun shots, fireworks had gone off nearby, Willow Drive.

Assist other agency, traffic, Birch Avenue.

Criminal damage to property, report that security light was broken, knocked down but undamaged, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, security needs help with possible combative patient, 17th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, cover officer, 3rd Avenue E.

Theft, backpack lost, located and will be returned, State Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, fake IDs, Broadway Street.

Motorist assist, help strapping down mower, Agnes Avenue.

Threats, texts from ex-boyfriend, 3rd Avenue W.

Property damage crash, 6th Avenue E.

Burning complaint, unattended bonfire, 12th Avenue E.

Monday, May 31

Assist other agency, threatening texts, West Lake Jessie Drive SE.

Assist other agency, 44th Avenue W.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Noise complaint, person yelling and breaking things, North McKay Avenue.

Public assist, traffic control, 8th Avenue W.

Trespassing complaint, North McKay Avenue.

Purse found, Parkside Road NE.

Trespassing complaint, North McKay.

Shoplifting, State Highway 29 S.

Burning complaint, Kenwood Street.

Property damage accident, Hawthorne Street.

Cell phone found, State Highway 29 S.

Card found in ATM, State Highway 29 S.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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