Law Enforcement Blotter: May 27-29


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Friday, May 27

Driving complaint, kids are riding dirt bikes around the school, driving erratically, Third Street W, Brandon.

Theft, South Nelson Street, Nelson.

Attempted fraud, caller was scammed out of $750 from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearinghouse, Seventh Avenue W.


Attempted fraud, someone tried to get money over the phone, County Road 82 NW, Garfield.

Criminal damage to property, caller states person destroyed his building, Main Street, Evansville.

Theft, boat missing motor and some fishing equipment, Beauty Point Road SW, Farwell.

Assist other agency, 13th Avenue W.

Public assist, Douglas Avenue, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, four-door sedan without plates pulled in behind barn across from caller's house, sat for approximately 30 minutes, County Road 11 NW.

Motorist assist, County Road 21 SW.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94.


Saturday, May 28

Assist other agency, Interstate 94.

Personal injury crash, vehicle rollover, Prairie Road NE, Carlos.

10-50 with one vehicle, vehicle went in the ditch, driver appears to be intoxicated, South Maple Lake Road SW, Glenwood.

Assist other agency, Seventh Avenue W.

Public assist, caller has questions about tree that fell during the storm, Little Mary Circle SW.

Public assist, neighbors are dumping things on their property and would like to know their recourse, County Road 93 SW, Farwell.

Suspicious activity, caller and her friend are behind storage units looking for a phone that caller says was stolen, Prairie Road NE, Carlos.


Criminal damage to property, mailbox was hit, has damage, Maple Island Drive SE, Glenwood.

Assist other agency, Lake Street.

Assist other agency, Sixth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, County Road 8 NW, Garfield.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving super fast and erratic, ongoing issue, Sandhill Lane NE, Carlos.

Motorist assist, vehicle on the shoulder with flashers on, North Nokomis NE.

Suspicious activity, younger male walked up to caller and asked for directions, Century Road NW, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, knock on door approximately 30 minutes ago, Long Lake Road NW, Brandon.


Sunday, May 29

Driving complaint, Interstate 94, Brandon.

Assist other agency, Kenwood Drive.

Suspicious vehicle, blue car sitting on the side of the road with possible broken sunroof, dealer plates only, no one inside, Le Homme Dieu Heights NE.

Public assist, Grand Avenue N, Kensington.

Assist other agency, Rosewood Lane SE.

Assist other agency, Third Avenue E.

10-50 hit and run, caller came outside and saw his vehicle was hit, County Road 6 NW, Garfield.


Assist other agency, Broadway Street.

Assist other agency, North Park Street.

Suspicious activity, heard yelling on east side of lake for three days, Lake Park Lane SE.

Suspicious vehicle, caller can see two vehicles parked at access for an hour, no description, East Lake Geneva Road NE.

Driving complaint, car racing around the block, Holmes Avenue, Brandon.


Friday, May 27

Suspicious activity, two older men arguing about money, staff is scared, Hawthorne Street.


Driving complaint, old squad doing donuts, 42nd Street.

Public assist, North Nokomis Street.

Public assist, Third Avenue W.

Juvenile trouble, North McKay Avenue.

Public assist, female will pay for the soda she opened in the store, Third Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, brown Chevy keeps driving in the area, 11th Avenue E.

Drug-related activity, found drug paraphernalia in the bathroom, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, Darling Drive NW.

Public assist, Fillmore Street.

Saturday, May 28

Theft, Broadway Street.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94, Brandon.

Public assist, Sixth Avenue E.

Driving complaint, vehicle stopped abruptly, no violation, Third Avenue E.

Suspicious person, male verbally abusive to staff, officer informed him he is no longer allowed at business, 12th Avenue E.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, assisted with lights, Dakota Street.

10-50 hit and run, State Highway 29 S.

Shoplifting, female with backpack has been in store for three hours, 50th Avenue W.

Suspicious person, Lake Street.

Drug-related activity, two people seen smoking pipe in black car, South McKay Avenue.

Assist other agency, County Road 1 NW, Evansville.

Sunday, May 29

Suspicious person, male has approached group multiple times in backyard asking for names and making group nervous, 13th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Maple Drive SE.

Suspicious person, caller states there is a homeless female staying in their building, asked to leave, Fillmore Street.

Property damage crash, 10th Avenue E.

Shoplifting, female shoplifter, State Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, caller states he came outside to find his vehicle had been hit, Broadway Street.

Public assist, South Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, Third Avenue E.

Public assist, caller has out-of-state relatives videotaping her children, individuals said they were just driving on the road and won't go back, Ross Garden NW.

Public assist, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, group of boys using bows to shoot carp, warned, Steger Road NW.

Driving complaint, County Road 28 SW.

Suspicious person, City Park Road.

Public assist, female needs ride home from ER, 17th Avenue E.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Travis Gulbrandson covers several beats, including Osakis School Board and Osakis City Council, along with the Brandon-Evansville School Board. His focus will also be on crime and court news.
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