Law Enforcement Blotter: June 6-9


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Monday, June 6

Suspicious vehicle, were out at the beach swimming, notified them of the danger of being there after dark, Brophy Landing NW.

Public assist, theft of gas Friday, County Road 82 NW, Evansville.

Attempted fraud, caller was contacted by a lady on Instagram stating she would give him $2,000 to talk to her and was asked to send $1,500 back, Seventh Avenue W.


10-52 with more than one vehicle, two-vehicle crash, County Road 82 NW.

Public assist, lift assist, Carlson Beach Road NW.

Fire, vehicle fire, Interstate 94, Brandon.

Assist other agency, 50th Avenue W.

Theft, theft of fishing poles, Donna Drive NW.

Suspicious activity, County Road 120 NE.

Suspicious activity, vehicle in roadway in front of unit, Prairie Road NE, Carlos.

Motorist assist, ride home, Fern Lane SW, Kensington.


Tuesday, June 7

Public assist, ride home from ER, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller reporting a couple squatting on a trail in a tent, Wildlife Lane SE, Osakis.

Public assist, West Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Public assist, Grand Avenue S, Kensington.

Driving complaint, person arrested, Grand Avenue N, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, caller caught a strange man lurking around her home last night on camera, Forada Beach Road SE.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle did not have a reason to be in Forada other than to look around, Forada Beach Road SE.


Public assist, Second Street W, Brandon.

Assist other agency, Seventh Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, State Highway 29 S.

Wednesday, June 8

Suspicious activity, open storage unit, State Highway 29 S.

Theft, cite for theft, Main Avenue, Carlos.

Criminal damage to property, broke windows, Second Avenue W, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, caller states she saw a hand on her camera from last night and they were trying to turn off her camera, Kluver Addition Road SE.


Suspicious activity, 10th Avenue SW.

Suspicious activity, flagged down by a gentleman who states there are two tents and a little camp set up east of Nelson, Wildlife Lane SE.

Public assist, person needs to get his vehicle out of impound, Third Avenue W.

Public assist, West Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Fraud, company showed up saying they were neighbors and would help with trees, then would not give any information when caller questioned them, Vonderheide Drive SW.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving past caller's house, Maple Drive SE.

Driving complaint, truck spinning its tires, driving sideways, 39th Avenue NE.

Driving complaint, car driving slow, all over the road, might be on her phone, County Road 73 NE.


Driving complaint, Impala all over the road, Latoka Drive NW.

Suspicious person, male standing in the middle of the road, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Thursday, June 9

Driving complaint, Jeep cutting in and out of traffic and brake checking, Interstate 94, Evansville.

Motorist assist, pulled over to talk on the phone, North Lake Mary Drive SW.

Assist other agency, Clear View Road NW, Garfield.

Fire, grass fire, Caribou Lane SE.

Theft, theft of two necklaces, Fairview Beach Road NE.


Suspicious person, Hope Road SE, Osakis.

Juvenile trouble, County Road 82 NW.

Assist other agency, Fillmore Street.

Assist other agency, Lake Street E, Osakis.


Monday, June 6

Drug-related activity, caller believes his neighbor has been smoking weed, Broadway Street.

Public assist, lift assist, Elm Street.

10-50 hit and run, caller states a white Ford Escape hit shopping cart being pushed by a female and kept going, no injuries, South Broadway Street.

Public assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Suspicious activity, Elm Street.

10-50 hit and run, hit drivers side door, 41st Avenue W.

Property damage crash, small crash, State Highway 29 N.

Public assist, caller would like to talk to an officer about traffic flow, Karl Drive NW.

Suspicious activity, Lark Street.

Shoplifting, person left store with light bulbs and gasket sealer, 50th Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, person was waiting for his girlfriend to get home, Sixth Avenue E.

Theft, purse stolen off the counter at the restaurant, State Highway 29 S.

Assist other agency, Darling Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, male party in vehicle for a couple hours, Third Avenue E.

Tuesday, June 7

Theft, citation issued for theft, Voyager Drive.

Property damage crash, minor crash, Broadway Street.

Theft, wallet went missing, Fillmore Street.

Assist other agency, State Highway 29 S, Glenwood.

Public assist, Seventh Avenue W.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, minor crash, State Highway 29 S.

10-50 hit and run, caller's vehicle has a scratch from another vehicle on it, Third Avenue E.

Juvenile trouble, Seventh Avenue W.

Motorist assist, driver low on coolant, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Public assist, person had tires slashed on Sunday, Unumb Street.

Theft, person left store without paying for several grocery items, State Highway 29 S.

Wednesday, June 8

Criminal damage to property, caller reported graffiti sprayed on equipment, Fourth Avenue E.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Third Avenue W.

Public assist, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, caller needs a ride, Elm Street.

Public assist, State Highway 29 S.

Fraud, Broadway Street.

Suspicious person, 44th Avenue W.

Public assist, Lark Street.

Suspicious activity, caller noticed a key was broken off in the lock on his storage building, Geneva Road NE.

Criminal damage to property, graffiti painted on billboard, Nevada Street.

Juvenile trouble, Lark Street.

Driving complaint, Ashley Lane.

Public assist, South Broadway Street.

Fraud, employee took counterfeit money yesterday, State Highway 29 S.

Fire, grill is on fire on deck, Sixth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, male party looked to be selling a bag of drugs, 50th Avenue W.

Motorist assist, vehicle stuck in intersection, 34th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, Kenwood Street.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle driving around neighborhood, caller is concerned it is following her daughter, North Park Street.

Assist other agency, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Thursday, June 9

Juvenile trouble, Ashley Lane.

Property damage crash, minor crash, 10th Avenue E.

Criminal damage to property, report of graffiti on train trestle, Third Avenue E.

Assist other agency, Donna Drive NW.

Driving complaint, caller states that person drives a green van with no insurance, Second Avenue E.

Public assist, 34th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, Broadway Street.

Fire, oven is on fire, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, street closed for lighting ceremony, Broadway Street.

Public assist, wants to file a report because truck stop won't let him make a pizza, Evergreen Lane SW.

Public assist, lift assist, Ash Street.

Public assist, Irving Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Travis Gulbrandson covers several beats, including Osakis School Board and Osakis City Council, along with the Brandon-Evansville School Board. His focus will also be on crime and court news.
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