Law Enforcement Blotter: June 20-23


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Monday, June 20

Attempted fraud, caller wants to report fraudulent purchase on her credit card, not out any money, State Highway 114 SW.

Public assist, lift assist, State Street, Evansville.

Driving complaint, would like to speak with someone about people speeding on his road, Hunters Bay Road SW.


Public assist, property exchange, Lees Circle NW, Garfield.

Public assist, gas drive-off, came back and paid for gas, State Highway 29 N.

Theft, person arrested for fifth degree, tampering with a motor vehicle and theft, County Road 82 SE, Nelson.

Public assist, mother's boyfriend put maggots and dog poop in her bed, State Highway 27 W.

Personal injury crash, vehicle on its side in the ditch, County Road 4 SW.

Tuesday, June 21

Suspicious activity, Castle Lane SE.

Fire, tree on the lines on fire, Minnesota Street, Evansville.


Motorist assist, fluid leak, did not need any help, County Road 1 SW, Kensington.

Motorist assist, County Road 22 NW.

Public assist, caller states that there is a tree hanging over the road that is about to go down, Reeds Villa Lane SW.

Public assist, Lee Circle NW, Garfield.

Public assist, upset that her neighbor put debris on her lot after she cleaned it up, Forada Beach Road SE.

Suspicious activity, received a suspicious package in the mail he does not want to open, Queens Road SE.

Wednesday, June 22

Suspicious activity, Castle Lane SE.


Assist other agency, Oak Street W, Osakis.

Public assist, Sunset Way NE.

Theft, last fall caller's toolbox was stolen out of his pontoon, needs a report for insurance, County Road 82 SE, Osakis.

Public assist, lift assist, Pocket Parkway SW.

Juvenile trouble, West Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Public assist, gas drive-off, forgot to pay for gas and will pay with card over phone, County Road 14 NE, Miltona.

Assist other agency, 17th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, Hawthorne Street.


Public assist, Burlington Road NW, Brandon.

Thursday, June 23

Public assist, ride home from ER, West Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Suspicious activity, male party laying on the ground at the preserve, 355th Avenue NW, Ashby.

Driving complaint, freightliner blew through stop sign, County Road 13 NE.

Assist other agency, Fifth Avenue E.

Driving complaint, garbage truck all over the road, County Road 8 NW, Garfield.

Public assist, Third Avenue W.


Motorist assist, car ran out of gas, County Road 45 SW.

Theft, stolen property out of vehicles, Hayes Avenue, Brandon.

Driving complaint, vehicle swerving all over the road, County Road 73 NE.

Driving complaint, Volvo blew through stop sign and turned into the wrong lane, Hummingbird Way SW.

Public assist, fire hydrant at the boat access is leaking water and the caps are on, Lake Victoria.

Criminal damage to property, vehicle hit mailbox, Pleasant View Lane NW.

Assist other agency, State Highway 29 S.

Assist other agency, 22nd Avenue E.



Monday, June 20

Public assist, lift assist, Victor Street.

Public assist, Edgewater Drive.

Public assist, lift assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Drug-related activity, found possible drugs, Seventh Avenue E.

Public assist, caller has information he'd like to pass on to an officer, Ash Street.

Suspicious activity, caller wants to talk to an officer about what an older male said to her 12-year-old daughter, Kenwood Drive.

Public assist, dropped person off, 17th Avenue E.

Public assist, tree on vehicle across the road, Fifth Avenue E.

Public assist, power line down, Lake Street.

Tuesday, June 21

Suspicious activity, possible blown transformer, Birch Avenue.

Public assist, power line hanging low, Seventh Avenue E.

Assist other agency, 45th Avenue E.

Fraud, Arbor Crossing SE.

Public assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Public assist, caller stating her office was ransacked last night, Lake Street.

Public assist, caller has questions on if her temporary drivers license is valid in Minnesota, Seventh Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, Scenic Heights Road NE.

Suspicious activity, pickup in front of entrance, pulling rifles out of the vehicle, State Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Third Avenue W.

Theft, theft of an exhaust pipe, 41st Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, people spearfishing carp, told caller they were going to leave carp there, parents coming to get the fish, Steger Road NW.

Theft, theft of tools at job site, Fillmore Street.

Attempted fraud, received a suspicious letter in the mail, Third Avenue W.

Public assist, caller has questions about the use of golf carts in city limits, Government Point Road NE.

Public assist, Runestone Avenue.

Public assist, Ash Street.

Public assist, male party requesting detox, Fifth Avenue E.

Assist other agency, 34th Avenue W.

Driving complaint, car driving slow and swerving, Third Avenue E.

Wednesday, June 22

Assist other agency, Fourth Avenue E.

Suspicious person, person transported to ER, State Highway 29 S.

Assist other agency, Fillmore Street.

Assist other agency, Sterling City, Colorado.

Driving complaint, caller is doing utility work at location and would like to speak to an officer about his safety, Nokomis Street.

Shoplifting, male and female on camera stealing $200 worth of groceries, South Broadway Street.

Public assist, caller needs assistance with getting a plate for his motorcycle, Third Avenue W.

Public assist, Fairway Lane NE.

Public assist, caller stating person is refusing to leave her apartment and is coming down from drugs, person left without incident, Fourth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, keyhole looks like it was tampered with, lock appeared to have corrosion residue, 22nd Avenue E.

Fire, canopy fire, McCauley Lane NE.

Suspicious activity, Hawthorne Street.

Motorist assist, came across vehicle that had a wheel fall off, Erickson Court NE.

Suspicious vehicle, Eighth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller states there is a group of about four killing fish and throwing them on the ground, spoke with juveniles, fish were in a bucket, Steger Road NW.

Driving complaint, kids on a golf court with no lights heading south, 18th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, lights on in garage, building secure, 16th Avenue E.

Thursday, June 23

Public assist, female locked herself out of her house, helped caller unlock her door and get her keys, Irving Street.

Property damage crash, car hit the curb after going through a turn too fast, Seventh Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, Ashley Lane.

Public assist, Runestone Avenue.

Property damage crash, minor crash in parking lot, Third Avenue E.

Property damage crash, minor crash, 22nd Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller has someone trying to get in her house yesterday multiple times on camera, Hawthorne Street.

Personal injury crash, two-vehicle crash with injuries, Fifth Avenue E.

Shoplifting, caller has video of a shoplifting event, Broadway Street.

Theft, person wrote a bad check yesterday totaling $1,400, 50th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Ash Street.

Suspicious activity, suspicious male was on caller's property appearing to be scoping out property, Douglas Street.

Assist other agency, South Le Homme Dieu Drive.

Motorist assist, towed vehicle, 10th Avenue E.

Public assist, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, caller has questions about his car being impounded and tow fees, Third Avenue W.

Theft, caller believes her purse was stolen from her car, Roosevelt Street.

Suspicious person, male waiting for a friend who lives at address, will be leaving shortly, Fillmore Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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