Law Enforcement Blotter: July 4-7


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Monday, July 4

Suspicious vehicle, trailer parked off gravel road next to cornfield, didn't see any plate or serial number, County Road 34 NW.

Criminal damage to property, graffiti on bridge, Lake Carlos.

Theft, caller states part of a skylight was stolen sometime since yesterday afternoon, Oakwood Terrace NW.


Driving complaint, vehicle driving with open bottle, Latoka Beach Road NW.

Suspicious activity, Railway Street W, Kensington.

Public assist, person needs ride home, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, male states he saw a white truck jump the ditch and is possibly in the field, County Road 45 SW.

Tuesday, July 5

Suspicious vehicle, checked on vehicle parked in a lot, driver was reading a book, Voyager Drive.

Assist other agency, North McKay Avenue.

Theft, door stolen off a skid loader, County Road 33 NW, Evansville.


Public assist, questions about water patrol, Seventh Avenue W.

Public assist, potential financial exploitation, Seventh Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, van has been parked on his property by the trees for an hour with someone sitting in it, party was on a meeting over his computer, East Lake Mary SW.

Motorist assist, stalled vehicle, County Road 42 NE.

Suspicious activity, Gravel Pit Road NW, Brandon.

Public assist, Sunset Drive SW.

Driving complaint, trucks driving fast down caller's street, 10th Avenue SW.

Personal injury crash, elderly female possibly having some sort of medical, Cemetery Road SE, Osakis.


Public assist, Maple Street N, Miltona.

Assist other agency, Elm Street.

Assist other agency, State Highway 29 N.

Wednesday, July 6

Suspicious activity, Park Street, Garfield.

Suspicious vehicle, car parked on the wrong side of the road with lights on, Crooked Lake Road SW, Farwell.

Fraud, caller was scammed out of $1,500 on Bitcoin, County Road 82 SE.

Driving complaint, SUV went into the ditch and ended up driving themselves out, no plate, County Road 6 NW, Garfield.

Assist other agency, Seventh Avenue W.

Attempted fraud, identity theft, County Road 12 NW, Garfield.

Suspicious person, caller is speaking with a neighbor who is saying she was sex trafficked, Castle Lane SE.

Theft, keys and garage door opener stolen from vehicle, Janes Circle Drive SW.

Suspicious vehicle, caller is at work and noticed on his security camera a vehicle in his driveway, County Road 82 SE.

Thursday, July 7

Assist other agency, Lake Olaf Road SW, Lowry.

Driving complaint, tailgating, Interstate 94.

Public assist, County Road 4 SW.

Driving complaint, maroon truck following caller, Pocket Lake Road SW, Lowry.

Shoplifting, theft of chairs from outside, Whiskey Lake Drive NW, Brandon.

Public assist, lift assist, Pocket Parkway SW.

Suspicious activity, some people found a bone in the water at location, Mount Carmel Drive NE.

Suspicious activity, County Road 86 SE.

Assist other agency, State Highway 29 S.

Assist other agency, South Broadway Street.

Assist other agency, Seventh Avenue W.


Monday, July 4

Public assist, lift assist, Sixth Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller found a dress in the grass, 50th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller stating there's a male sex offender at location and children are present, 30th Avenue W.

Public assist, Third Avenue W.

Public assist, lift assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Juvenile trouble, 22nd Avenue W.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, South Darling Drive NW.

Suspicious activity, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, lift assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Public assist, State Highway 29 N.

Juvenile trouble, 12th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, County Road 45 SW.

Tuesday, July 5

Public assist, Seventh Avenue E.

Theft, vehicle damaged over the weekend, batteries and converter stolen, Jefferson Street.

Public assist, caller has questions about fireworks laws, Alexandria.

Suspicious person, caller believes male is vandalizing vehicles, Unumb Street.

Assist other agency, Winter Green NW.

Property damage crash, minor crash, 22nd Avenue E.

Public assist, evicted people not out yet, State Highway 29 N.

Assist other agency, Sunset Drive SW.

Theft, trailer broken into, 34th Avenue W.

Fraud, fraudulent charge to checking account, Donna Avenue SW.

Suspicious person, male party walking toward school with no shirt, no shoes, carrying something, 22nd Avenue E.

Public assist, City Park Road.

Suspicious person, 22nd Avenue E.

Public assist, caller believes there was an explosion that was not a firework, Parkview Road NE.

Public assist, Elm Street.

Wednesday, July 6

Assist other agency, Tabbert Road NW.

Theft, theft of a package, South McKay Avenue.

Suspicious vehicle, Victoria Drive.

Fraud, bad check, 30th Avenue W.

Suspicious person, male looking distressed, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, Elm Street.

Public assist, Kenwood Drive.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94.

Criminal damage to property, damage to vehicle from neighbor kids throwing rocks at it, State Highway 29 N.

Criminal damage to property, unoccupied barn building broken into, North Nokomis Street.

Drug-related activity, someone dropped off bag for inmate, two pipes inside, Third Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Douglas Street.

Drug-related activity, patient found a bag of white substance, Ninth Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Broadway Street.

Thursday, July 7

Assist other agency, Castle Lane SE.

Public assist, South McKay Avenue.

Public assist, lift assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Property damage crash, minor crash, State Highway 29 S.

Drug-related activity, caller believes two people outside building are smoking marijuana, Sixth Avenue E.

Theft, caller lost her phone, thinks it may be at address, phone returned, State Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, no injuries, 22nd Avenue E.

Attempted fraud, caller getting text messages from somebody using their priest's name, Third Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller saw her daughter in a car with person, believes male party was trying to sell her drugs, State Highway 29 S.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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