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Law Enforcement Blotter: July 3-8

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Tuesday, July 3 Assist other agency, several 911 calls about semi in the ditch, Evansville. Traffic hazard, stray dog in the middle of the road. Suspicious vehicle, vehicle parked next to the ice machine, Nelson. T...

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Tuesday, July 3

Assist other agency, several 911 calls about semi in the ditch, Evansville.

Traffic hazard, stray dog in the middle of the road.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle parked next to the ice machine, Nelson.


Traffic hazard, vehicle parked on the road without flashers on, Belle River.

Traffic hazard, cones in the road, Garfield.

Fire, power pole on fire, Miltona.

Public assist, caller reported tree fell on his car, Carlos.

Utility company call, power line down on the north side of intersection, Carlos.

Traffic hazard, tree halfway across the road.

Traffic hazard, tree down blocking road.

Utility company call, four power lines down, Carlos.


Water complaint, caller stated a fishing boat blew up onto their dock, Carlos.

Assist other agency, shed fire, Eagle Bend.

Assist other agency, man showed up at the emergency room with broken nose, black eye and scrapes to the head, doesn’t know how he got there.

Driving complaint, construction truck drove through area at a high rate of speed, Carlos.

Theft, caller reported a counter weight and boom were cut off a crane and stolen from construction site.

Suspicious vehicle, comp reported a motorcycle parked in his driveway by his camper and no one should be there, Carlos.

Suspicious vehicle, comp states vehicle went through corn field and is now sitting on the side of the road, Osakis.

Water related incident, lost boat of his lift, boat was found and towed back.


Water related incident, boat ran out of gas, water patrol towed it back to shore, Lobster Lake.

Chase-pursuit of vehicle, attempted traffic stop, male took off then fled the vehicle on foot, Evansville.

Wednesday, July 4

Assist other agency, State Patrol requested we pull a deer off the road at mile marker 109.

Traffic hazard, tree across the road.

Traffic hazard, tree on the road, Miltona.

Water complaint, pontoon into a dock, no injuries.

Water complaint, caller reported his boat lift flipped over in the storm and floated a half-mile north of his place, neighbor will tie it to shore until comp can come and get it.

Water complaint, caller reported a homemade raft with small motor is trying to fight the wind and caller feels it’s unsafe because people are jumping off it, Little Chippewa Lake.

Water related incident, three vouchers to the DQ were given to juveniles for wearing life jackets, Little Chippewa Lake.

Traffic hazard, vehicle parked by the bridge is in the driving lane.

Parking complaint, caller reported several vehicles parking in no parking zone.

Water complaint, report of 10 teenagers drinking on pontoon, Lake Ida.

Fire, cabin on fire, unoccupied.

Water complaint, pontoon and boats tied together, dumping trash in the water along shoreline, Lake L’Homme Dieu.

Firecracker complaint, anonymous caller reporting big fireworks going on on east side of lake, concerned it could start a fire.

Firecracker complaint, man upset about fireworks northeast of his residence, said he’s going to go and start shooting people if they don’t stop.

Loud party complaint, young people down by a bonfire being loud, Carlos.

Noise complaint, south end of Lake Carlos, very loud music coming from a boat.

Thursday, July 5

Suspicious activity, man sitting on guard rail, was just enjoying the night.

Assist other agency, man keeps coming into the store, not buying anything, hanging out in the parking lot.

Assist other agency, man destroying things in store, calling employee names in an aggressive manner, won’t leave.

Assist other agency, someone banging on the door.

Suspicious activity, caller stated there is a man in his yard.

Suspicious activity, comp stated two men came to his address looking for a car that was just towed.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked by comp’s driveway for a week.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries.

Driving complaint, requesting extra patrol because vehicles are driving over the speed limit.

Water complaint, jet skis driving very fast and wreckless.

Traffic hazard, caller wants someone to come out and remove a tree that is on his property that fell down over the road, Miltona.

Driving complaint, truck all over the road.

Animal complaint, dog outside barking all day.

Friday, July 6

Loud party complaint, loud party outside, advised to keep music down.

Utility company call, county maintenance notified of branch hanging over road, Evansville.

Water complaint, buoy floated close to shore.

Hit and run, car was hit, needs report for insurance.

Found property, wallet found.

Suspicious vehicle, car has been in and out of comp’s driveway.

Traffic hazard, caller upset with grass cutting companies that are parked on the side of the road while they are working on lawns.

Firecracker complaint, aerial firework display.

Firecracker complaint, loud firework noise coming from grain elevators, Carlos.

Motorist assist/stall, vehicle is overheated, called for a tow.

Saturday, July 7

Assist other agency, assisted State Patrol with lights and traffic control, Brandon.

Suspicious vehicle, driver pulled over to use cell phone.

Water complaint, jet ski on his property, hitting his rip-rap.

Water complaint, boat pulling skier too close to docks.

Property damage crash, vehicle off road into a grain bin, person fell asleep and crashed into a grain bin causing minor damage.

Personal injury crash, two people, injuries, Brandon.

Water complaint, swim raft obstructing water way, Lake Ida.

Water complaint, man on paddle board, no safety rope or life jacket, Lake Ida.

Animal complaint, dog locked in topper of pickup, Brandon.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Water related incident, erratic driving behavior, Lake Darling.

Criminal damage to property, satellite dish ripped off of post and damaged, solar panels turned on lift and mailbox stolen.

Assist other agency, two vehicle crash, no injuries.

Firecracker complaint, large fireworks being shot off.

Burning complaint, high flames, black smoke, Osakis.

Firecracker complaint, large fireworks show.

Sunday, July 8

HIt and run, two vehicles, no injuries.

Personal injury crash, minor crash, child in the car, checked by North Ambulance, Brandon.

Property damage crash, vehicle ran into side of boat, minor crash.

Harassment, caller reported being harassed by phone and text message, Evansville.



Tuesday, July 3

Drug related activity, manager of store said person in vehicle is smoking meth.

Trespassing complaint, anonymous caller said person is on their property and is not allowed to be there.

Utility company call, tree down and on power lines.

Utility company call, tree down on power line by Discovery Middle School.

Traffic hazard, large branch on road.

Property damage crash, trailer in parking lot hit on the side.

Driving complaint, vehicle blew through two stop signs.

Trespassing complaint, caller said person keeps coming in house through the balcony, doesn’t want person there.

Burglary, male trying to break in a couple of doors down from comp.

Theft, vehicle broken into on Kenwood Drive, several items stolen.

Fraud, comp reporting fraud on credit card.

Public assist, comp had questions about possible theft.

Public assist, has questions about renters leaving and legally changing the locks.

Suspicious activity, person opened up store door so other person could rev up engine and spit out exhaust into store.

Driving complaint, vehicle pulled out in front of comp and is swerving in and out of traffic.

Found bike, found bike behind location in alley way.

Traffic hazard, boat flipped off its trailer in road.

Driving complaint, bicyclist riding in traffic all over the place.

Shoplifting, adult female shoplifter, cited for theft.

Suspicious activity, person mowing lawn, found a baggy with a white substance in it.

Burglary, comp stating someone burglarized house on Friday.

Pubic assist, 15-20 vehicles with 25-30 people partying in the parking lot.

Wednesday, July 4

Driving complaint, vehicle in drive-thru has rolled back into comp’s vehicle a couple of times.

Traffic hazard, speed trailer blew into intersection.

Traffic hazard, tree across the road.

Shoplifting, had shoplifters in store this morning, have it on camera.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, almost hit two vehicles.

Hit and run, comp stated vehicle was hit in the parking lot.

Harassment, comp reported being harassed on Facebook by someone trying to get money, known scam, advised to block and not respond.

Public assist, person in lobby turning in some ammunition.

Shoplifter, has video of shoplifter from Saturday.

Criminal damage to property, reported a customer was doing donuts in parking lot and broke a couple of windows in restaurant.

Shoplifter, male shoplifter, person cited for theft.

Suspicious person, man laying on the ground, was checked on, was getting rocks out of his shoes.

Burglary, person reported someone was in apartment and stole items.

Theft, wallet stolen from vehicle, Darling Drive Northwest.

Gas leak, AC unit was not vented, smell of gas, it’s hot, employees didn’t know what to do.

Lost property, wallet lost in the Target area.

Firecracker complaint, comp hears loud fireworks.

Drug related activity, someone smoking marijuana in the apartment building.

Driving complaint, vehicle speeding and passing in oncoming traffic.

Suspicious activity, caller is stating someone is trying to break into his house.

Check welfare of person, man walking along side road, weaving and stumbling.

Drunk, man stumbling and is now sitting in front of bakery.

Criminal damage to property, man in parking lot ripping the lot up.

Thursday, July 5

Suspicious activity, comp stated someone is banging on the door.

Suspicious person, man passed out on truck.

Suspicious vehicle, looks like vehicle went up on curb, tire broken, open beer bottles in vehicle.

Lost property, wallet either stolen or lost.

Suspicious activity, comp stated a lock had been damaged by basketball hoop.

Suspicious vehicle, van and boat parked across the street for five days.

Traffic hazard, called upset with amount of asphalt left on road from parking lot project.

Suspicious activity, caller stating man in parking lot selling fake gold.

Suspicious activity, front door to rental unit kicked in, house is empty.

Traffic hazard, deer on road.

Animal complaint, truck in parking lot with two dogs, windows are partly down but caller is concerned.

Parking complaint, truck and van have been parked in area for two weeks.

Theft, bike was stolen.

Fraud, comp’s mom is on phone with someone claiming to be the IRS.

Traffic hazard, tree branch hanging over road, partially blocking stop sign.

Suspicious activity, woman stating someone put white substance on car and wants officer to look at it.

ATV complaint, caller stated little girls were riding a four-wheeler.

Parking complaint, caller said a car was parked on the street and he is unhappy about it.

Drug related activity, someone smoking marijuana in apartment building.

Shooting complaint, two shots, west of comp’s residence.

Fraud, comp reported friend was scammed.

Firecracker complaint, people shooting off fireworks in yard across from comp.

Noise complaint, loud party with lots of people and music, advised to keep music down.

Friday, July 6

Theft, bike was stolen in last 20 minutes.

Animal complaint, dog locked in van.

Property damage crash, vehicle hit last night while parked in parking lot.

Property damage crash, hit and run crash.

Public assist, theft of vehicle.

Property damage crash, two vehicle crash, no injuries.

Suspicious activity, reporting an attempted break-in.

Theft, caller said fishing rods and tackle box were stolen out of his garage.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, driving without headlights.

Firecracker complaint, fireworks being set off in parking lot, some have hit building.

Noise complaint, loud party, music and screaming.

Saturday, July 7

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle has been parked in lot for more than a week.

Theft, guitar was stolen out of vehicle, found it at the pawn shop.

Threats, comp got a call from someone stating they were going to shoot up the place.

Driving complaint, driver appeared to be under the influence and there was a child in the car.

Animal complaint, dead raccoon on side by store.

Firecracker complaint, fireworks being set off in area.

Animal complaint, dog tied up on laundry pole, no food or water.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Sunday, July 8

Suspicious person, male with no shirt standing in middle of road, hollering profanity.

Suspicious person, male knocking on bedroom window and front door.

Criminal damage to property, damage done to house comp is renting.

Dog bite, man got bit by a dog, does not need medical attention.

Drug related activity, found a bag with drug paraphernalia in it.

Theft, theft of cash and credit cards from locked locker.

Animal complaint, dog tied to a truck, has no water.

Theft, items stolen out of locker.

Property damage crash, boat and car, no injuries.

Animal complaint, caller stated dog was tied to a tree and had been there for more than three hours.

Animal complaint, two dogs inside vehicle not running and no windows open.

Public assist, security requesting assistance getting phone that fell through sewer gate, phone was retrieved.

Drunk, man passed out on the back steps of the building.

Animal complaint, comp reported landlord had cut up cat with a scissors, cat checked on, had been given a haircut and ear was clipped to show it was domesticated.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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Celeste Edenloff is the special projects lead and a reporter for the Alexandria Echo Press. She has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She first worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from 1999 to 2011, and returned in 2016 to once again report on the community she calls home.
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