Law Enforcement Blotter: July 27-30

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Friday, July 27 Theft, comp's debit card was recovered during an arrest of person, comp found a fraudulent purchase on her card, Garfield. Suspicious vehicle, comp states his child was outside with the dog when a v...

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Friday, July 27

Theft, comp’s debit card was recovered during an arrest of person, comp found a fraudulent purchase on her card, Garfield.

Suspicious vehicle, comp states his child was outside with the dog when a vehicle drove by really slow, a person in the vehicle was video recording with a camera/phone, Carlos.

Suspicious person, comp received a disturbing letter from a tenant.


Suspicious vehicle, comp states another vehicle kept following her around, Brandon.

Driving complaint, van all over the road, Brandon.

HIt and run, comp’s vehicle hit by semi, semi took off, comp followed.

Suspicious activity, comp found stolen property in the back corner of his property, jacket, alcohol, tools, electronics, all items returned to owners.

Water complaint, caller reported boat with skiers out in the dark, Lake Victoria.

Personal injury crash, several 911 calls, unknown injuries, County Road 45, Latoka Lane.

Firecrackers complaint, caller unable to sleep due to noise, Miltona.

Noise complaint, caller said her windows are vibrating from the concert music and was wondering how camping is allowed in residential area, informed caller permits were acquired for band and camping, she was referred to call county commissioners to voice concerns.


Saturday, July 28

Water complaint, comp stranded in pontoon, won’t start, called back, able to get pontoon on the lake, Lake Vermont.

Driving complaint, vehicle speeding at a high rate of speed heading toward Brandon.

Water complaint, caller stated a female was swimming in boat traffic.

Driving complaint, caller stated a vehicle, going eastbound, was driving 100 mph.

Criminal damage to property, comp reported damage to two vehicles, Kensington.

Burning complaint, comp stated he observed black smoke and he thought it was tires, Carlos.

Driving complaint, vehicle speeding past comp’s house multiple times, Miltona.


Water complaint, caller reported boaters being very loud and have a speaker playing music, Carlos.

Sunday, July 29

Water related incident, caller wanted to know if it was legal to take a small boat through the channel of Lake Cowdry and Lake Darling.

Fire, house on fire, no one inside, County Road 22.

Property damage crash, ALP truck and police car, minor crash, County Road 22.

Suspicious activity, caller reported his locks on storage shed were cut off and one of the doors is partly open, nothing appears to be missing, Carlos.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported kids throwing rocks off the bridge between Lake Geneva and Lake Victoria.

Suspicious activity, caller said people are hitting golf balls toward the grainery, but they are going everywhere, comp found a few golf balls in his yard and other yards.

Theft, caller reported theft of mailbox and pole, Brandon.

Monday, July 30

Personal injury crash, one vehicle rollover, unknown extent of injuries, Rose Lane, Highway 27.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, no injuries, Garfield.

Vehicle in ditch, man drove into ditch after trying to miss a deer, ribs are hurting, County Road 5, Country Road 68.

Suspicious activity, person in comp’s home claiming to be from Home Depot to do work, but she doesn’t want them there, possible fraud.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported male keeps driving by has now destroyed the grave site of a friend, Evansville.

Vehicle in ditch, dump truck in ditch, was westbound on County Road 82, blew out a front tire, lost control, ended up in ditch, no injuries reported, Brandon.

Fraud, caller was scammed out of money.

Suspicious activity, plane has passed by eight to 10 times just about tree level, plane was crop dusting, Garfield.

Property damage crash, hit a vehicle that was parked at ball fields, minor crash, Nelson.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, driving very slowly, Evansville.

Suspicious vehicle, camper pulled into fire hall lot, told can’t park on private property, will moved vehicle and park in Walmart parking lot.

Suspicious activity, caller reported someone was pounding on his door, caller let his dog out and person took off running.



Friday, July 27

Drug related activity, caller smells strong smell of marijuana coming from apartment.

Traffic hazard, items in the middle of the road, appeared to be purse, was a pillow and it was removed.

Public assist, caller wanted to speak to an officer regarding motorcycle and loud traffic in his area.

Property damage crash, minor crash, back parking lot, Broadway Street.

Theft, comp reported mailbox broken into and mail was missing.

Parking complaint, caller reported flatbed parked in front of house, blocking his mailbox.

Property damage to crash, comp hit a parked vehicle in parking lot.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported young people hanging out in the parking lot with vapes and flags distracting others, younger people were waving flags and handing out bumper stickers.

Parking complaint, caller reported big trailer parked by house makes it hard to get in and out of her driveway.

Suspicious activity, group of people talking on megaphones.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Driving complaint, crossing the yellow line, cut comp off and almost hit another car.

Saturday, July 28

Burglary, caller believes home was broken into, many things out of place, nothing seems to be missing, window screen pulled out, jewelry boxes open, no jewelry missing, gun cases pulled out from underneath bed, but guns not stolen.

Traffic hazard, caller reporting a hole in the middle of the road.

Theft, comp reported theft of his deceased daughter’s trailer and vehicle.

Suspicious activity, comp states a vehicle is parked on the side of the road facing her residence, the male driver has a shaved head and she is scared and would like an officer to check on the person.

Animal complaint, dogs locked in vehicle, windows not down, vehicle not running.

Driving complaint, female driver all over the road, driving erratically.

Shoplifting, adult male custody.

Driving complaint, vehicle passing cars on the right, excessive speeds, drove through stop sign.

Found person, small child found in parking lot, child was at grandmother’s house and wandered away, child brought back home.

Noise complaint, caller stating there is extra loud extra-curricular activities going on, he is annoyed.

Found animal, comp called several times about a chicken in the park, not sure where the chicken came from, comp will keep chicken and call humane society on Monday for options.

Animal complaint, caller believes a dog may be attacking a kid in the alley, kids were just playing.

Public assist, person has questions about parking a bus on the street.

Drug related activity, comp smells marijuana coming from apartments.

Sunday, July 29

Suspicious activity, caller said kids are playing ding, dong, ditch, three kids were seen in the area.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving aggressively and almost hit a biker.

Animal complaint, caller reported a goose with a broken wing, tried calling DNR, but no answer.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported a boy and a girl were vandalizing the neighbor’s landscape lights and also walked through caller’s yard.

Suspicious activity, comp stated she let a homeless man stay the night at her deceased dad’s house and a couple of items are missing, the homeless person let an officer check his belongings and nothing was found.

Found animal, comp caught a cat in a live trap, will bring to humane society.

Monday, July 30

Public assist, comp stated she feels harassed by her neighbors because they never say hi to her.

Theft, caller stated her purse was stolen out of her vehicle parked in parking lot, purse was found.

Traffic hazard, all traffic lights at intersection are flashing red.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, Elm Street.

Found property, handicapped license plate found.

Property damage crash, comp reported damage to her vehicle.

Shoplifting, adult shoplifter in custody, citation issued.

Suspicious person, caller reported an older male in the store, doesn’t buy anything, bothering customers, wants him to leave.

Animal complaint, anonymous complaint of dog barking for several hours.

Check welfare of a person, caller reported two small kids walking along the road, possibly ages 5 and 10.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries, Lakeview Avenue, North Nokomis Street.


This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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