Law Enforcement Blotter: July 23-25

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Monday, July 23 Water complaint, caller stated there is a lot of activity by the access and on the lake on Saturday afternoons and the lake association would like extra patrol, Lake Latoka. Suspicious person, femal...

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Monday, July 23

Water complaint, caller stated there is a lot of activity by the access and on the lake on Saturday afternoons and the lake association would like extra patrol, Lake Latoka.

Suspicious person, female stumbling all over, she stated she can’t be out in the sun or she will have seizures, she refused medical treatment, deputy assisted walking her home.

Criminal damage to property, a hole was drilled in a gas tank on a vehicle, Evansville.


Suspicious activity, caller reported someone came into their horse pasture and tampered with the bale feeder and some of the other farming equipment, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, caller has video at her cabin of someone cutting trees down on her property, Brandon.

Animal complaint,comp reported four dogs running loose in the area, causing issues, eating other dogs’ food, Garfield.

Fraud, comp has a check from an individual that bounced, Nelson.

Water complaint, comp reported a young gal on a tube drifted away, private boat picked her up and brought her back.

Water complaint, lost yellow/brown paddleboard.

Personal injury crash, three cars, County Road 25, State Highway 27, Hoffman.

Assist other agency, powerline hit by construction workers, hanging very low, Brandon.


Suspicious person, caller reported man walking down the road with a backpack.

Animal complaint, found cat in the middle of the road with two broken legs, took animal to animal hospital in St. Cloud.


Tuesday, July 24

Public assist, caller is going to be homeless on the first of the month, wondering what options are in area, provided her with list of organizations possibly willing to help, Kensington.

Motorist assist/stall, trucking company has broken down truck on Prairie Road, towing company will move this afternoon.

Burning complaint, anonymous complaint of someone burning, caller can smell it and states it is unhealthy to burn.

Burning complaint, comp reported people burning couches and other items, person cited for burning prohibited materials.


Water complaint, caller reported jet ski going through channel at high rate of speed, Lake Cowdry.

Suspicious vehicle, caller was told to call if a suspicious vehicle was at the neighbor’s house, was a black suburban there that is now painted blue.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a fish house that has been in the ditch right-of-way for three weeks and now there is a tent next to it.

Assist other agency, younger males in the area are possibly vandalizing the buses, Osakis.

Wednesday, July 25

Suspicious activity, young child is upstairs and believes someone is in his house, utility crew working in the area, knocking on the door, notifying that power would be shut off.

Lost property, lost tackle box, soft case with waist belt.

Burglary, caller reported guns were stolen last night, missing three long guns.

Vehicle in ditch, caller reported a vehicle in the ditch, person was cutting thistle.

Stolen vehicle, comp reported vehicle was stolen.

Animal complaint, caller reported there was a donkey in her yard, it has a red halter, Brandon.



Monday, July 23

Theft, flat wagon style green cart.

Check welfare of person, caller reported a man who appears to be sleeping with a little girl in the back seat, checked on, he was waiting for his girlfriend to get off work.

Suspicious activity, caller reported two males acting strangely down the right field line of ballfield, they were searching for rocks, asked to move along since they didn’t have permission to be there.

City nuisance violation, comp reported garbage all over a yard and stated a guy living in a fish house on the property.

Suspicious activity, a bag with clothes and food is laying on walking trail between gazebo and bridge.

Criminal damage to property, vehicle damaged sometime overnight.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp received call from someone stating they were from the IRS.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp received a suspicious phone call.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp received a threatening voicemail message.

Suspicious person, caller reported man with ski mask just left the store, employees stated all is fine, it is a kid who has autism and does it all the, everything is fine.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Third Avenue West, Fairgrounds Road.

Animal complaint, vehicle with a dog inside.

Driving complaint, comp reported people are trying to run her off the road.

Tuesday, July 24

Suspicious person, caller reported a man in the basketball court singing to himself.

Suspicious activity, comp pulled up to store and a vehicle peeled out of the parking lot.

Animal complaint, cat was hit by car and is in the middle of the road, but not dead.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported a man passed out in car and caller believes there are drugs in the car.

Suspicious vehicle, car with windows gone looks to be abandoned.

Public assist, caller said his apartment is flooding and he can’t get a hold of management.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle is in the ditch.

Theft, gas tank had hole drilled in it and gas was taken.

Driving complaint, caller said elderly female driver is having a tough time driving and almost hit a truck, caller thinks she may be too old to be driving.

Shoplifting, comp reported theft of a burrito.

Driving complaint, driving erratically, passing on the right.

HIt and run, in the south parking lot.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked in lot for more than a month.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, Highway 29 South.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle in woods.

Driving complaint, vehicle struck a sign, driving down wrong side of road, driving erratic.

Animal complaint, dogs in vehicle, windows cracked but dogs are panting.

Suspicious activity, comp’s doorbell was ringing, no one there, heard kids outside somewhere.

Suspicious vehicle, at City Park, by fishing pier.

Wednesday, July 25

Traffic hazard, someone took the pole out of the roundabout and it is by the comp’s residence.

Animal complaint, has a skunk walking around the neighborhood during daylight hours.

Criminal damage to property, hole drilled in gas tank.

Suspicious vehicle, north side of docks, vehicle looks like it has been torn apart.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, Third Avenue East.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Parking complaint, upset because garbage trucks couldn’t get through the alley.

Suspicious activity, caller reported fraudulent charges, called back, husband had used the card.

Property damage crash, minor crash, Dakota Street, Highway 29.


This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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