Law Enforcement Blotter: July 19-22

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Thursday, July 19 Personal injury crash, one vehicle rollover, man with cut on his head, County Road 82 Northwest, Shady Lane Northwest, Evansville. Driving complaint, caller said man was talking on his phone, and ...

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Thursday, July 19

Personal injury crash, one vehicle rollover, man with cut on his head, County Road 82 Northwest, Shady Lane Northwest, Evansville.

Driving complaint, caller said man was talking on his phone, and almost hit comp.

Driving complaint, caller said a dented vehicle was recklessly driving up and down the road at 70 miles per hour for the past hour.


Theft, caller reported a pistol and ammunition stolen from a vehicle sometime between Saturday and today.

Traffic hazard, tree down on the road, vehicle hit it, traffic now backed up.

Vehicle in ditch, towed out of the ditch, Centennial Drive Northwest and County Road 82 Northwest.

Friday, July 20

Animal complaint, caller reporting injured deer in the ditch.

Theft, comp reported trailer had everything stolen out of it, County Road 120 Northeast.

Driving complaint, caller reported excavating truck drives very fast down the road everyday, Miltona.

Criminal damage to property, mailbox damage, two mailboxes struck off posts within the last 48 hours, Latoka Beach Road Southwest.


Attempted fraud/scam, caller reported someone requested money from her and she tried to send it, but bank stopped it, telling her it was a scam, Garfield.

Assist other agency, caller reported theft of purse that happened on July 18.

Diving complaint, caller reported someone driving a lawn mower, swerving all over the road and in the ditches, Garfield.

Assist other agency, caller found a woman in his house, she said she was looking for someone and seemed out of it, she got in a car and drove away, driving through people’s backyards.

Animal complaint, cows on wrong side of the fence in the ditch, Kensington.

Firecracker complaint, comp reporting large fireworks being shot off.

Animal complaint, caller reported dog has been barking for days, owners believed to be gone.

Animal complaint, cow on the side of the road.


Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Saturday, July 21

Fight/assault, caller reported about eight people involved in fight and one man was knocked out, all parties were intoxicated when deputy arrived and would not say what happened, one person stated there was a little scuffle, but it was over, person declined medical treatment, Nelson.

ATV complaint, caller reported juveniles riding ATV’s all over, said kids do not pay attention to traffic and caller was afraid someone would get hurt.

Theft, caller had package stolen off porch.

Fraud, caller reported purchases made with her credit card, Brandon.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Drug related activity, comp found strange substance in his home, would like to show a deputy.

Property damage crash, vehicle roll over, blocking traffic, County Road 5 Northeast, Flying Club Road Northeast.

Assist other agency, motorcycle in the ditch, no one around, Hunters Bay Road, Highway 114.

Water complaint, caller reported two men fishing very close to people swimming, Carlos.

Animal complaint, cattle on the road, Osakis.

Suspicious activity, comp reported someone threw something in his pool and there are jugs in the pool and it smells like gasoline, strong smell of gas, jugs and what appeared to be several bags of kitty litter were removed from pool.

Sunday, July 22

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported truck at the golf course that doesn’t belong there.

Assist other agency, truck broke down on interstate, owner will be towing but needs lights, provided lights for tow.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle has been sitting in same spot since Thursday.

Animal complaint, calf along the side of the road, Nelson.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, possibly impaired driver or intentionally trying to hit other vehicles.

Theft, items stolen from vehicle last night, Third Street Southeast.

Lost animal, lost three cows, one black and white steer, one black heifer and one white one, cattle eventually returned home.

Driving complaint, vehicle with tinted windows traveling at high rate of speed.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, County Road 45 Southwest, Latoka Lane Southwest.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, unknown if there are injuries, County Road 82 Northwest.

Water complaint, anchored pontoon blocking access to swimming, Lake LeHomme Dieu.

Assist other agency, motorcycle on fire in the ditch, 115/390th Avenue.

Littering complaint, garbage dumping, Lake Winona access.

Suspicious activity, caller thinks woman sprayed vehicle and tossed a can on it.

Property damage crash, caller reported she hit a raccoon with her vehicle, caused quite a bit of damage to vehicle, no injuries reported, no tow needed, Carlos.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle all over the road and driving under the speed limit.



Thursday, July 19

Suspicious person, caller reported man trying to get inside, caller afraid to go outside, advised caller that person was taken off property.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle had been parked in driveway for about 20 minutes, unknown who it is, has seen vehicle driving around area.

Criminal damage to property, landlord reported apartment door is broken in.

Threats, comp reported threats made toward his business.

Shoplifting, one person cited for shoplifting and trespassing.

Public assist, comp would like to speak with officer regarding someone parked in his paid parking spot.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vandalism on a truck, part of side mirror was shattered.

Assist other agency, two-vehicle crash, no injuries, 50th Avenue, Highway 29 South.

Shoplifting, one person cited for shoplifting.

Check welfare of person, man sitting outside of gas station, appears to be really cold or tweaking on something, man was brought to a friend’s house.

Fire, power lines starting leaves on fire.

Suspicious activity, caller said when she arrived home, her front door was wide open, unsure if someone was inside.

Vehicle in ditch, no injuries, vehicle pulled out by tow company, Carlos Darling Drive, North Nokomis.

Assist other agency, tree down over the road.

Friday, July 20

Animal complaint, two dogs running on the road.

Property damage crash, minor crash, pulled off the road, County Road 22, Voyager Drive.

Theft, comp reported wallet was stolen.

Theft, comp wanted to report theft of purse that happened on July 18.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked between two no parking signs.

Public assist, caller reported a little girl was by herself and not accompanied by an adult.

Property damage crash, no injuries, minor crash, 17th Avenue East.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries, Fifth Avenue East, Broadway Street.

Hit and run, happened at approximately 9:30 a.m., Highway 29 South.

Suspicious activity, caller reported someone was taking pictures of recruiting station.

Suspicious vehicle, boat trailer has been parked behind business for two months.

Property damage crash, crash in parking lot, Third Avenue.

Suspicious vehicle, stalled vehicle, waiting for two truck.

Shoplifting, woman cited for shoplifting.

Shoplifting, two woman in custody at store, citations issued for shoplifting.

Shoplifting, woman left store, headed toward another store.

Skateboard complaint, caller reported four skateboarders refusing to leave the premise.

Drunk driving complaint, caller stated vehicle was all over the road, driving erratically.

Suspicious person, caller stated intoxicated male doesn’t know where he is, was causing problems for staff, escorted back to his room and told if it continued he would go to jail.

Saturday, July 21

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, North Nokomis, Northside Drive.

Check welfare of a person, caller stated vehicle in alley with female sleeping on passenger side, comp thought she should be checked on.

Stolen vehicle, comp went into store and when he came out, his truck was gone.

Suspicious person, man walking around airport, transported to ER.

Animal complaint, dog in vehicle, windows up, checked on dog, windows were cracked open and dog appears to be in good health.

Theft of bike, caller said her bike was stolen from in front of store, have theft on video and name of person, bike was located and returned to owner, person cited for theft.

Driving complaint, caller said vehicle was all over the road.

Theft, comp reported his son had some narcotics stolen and is afraid son will retaliate toward suspect.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked against traffic.

Noise complaint, camper parked across the street from caller’s house has an alarm going off that has been going off for about an hour.

Shooting complaint, caller said he could hear two gunshots, unknown where they were coming from.

Sunday, July 22

Driving complaint, caller reported numerous vehicles gathered near the back of the parking lot, people drinking, racing around lot.

Suspicious activity, comp reported vehicle driving with no lights, driver contacted and stated she likes to turn off her headlights to they don’t shine into campers.

Suspicious activity, comp is cleaning windows at church and a pickup with construction equipment keeps circling the block.

Property damage, comp requesting to speak to officer because the car wash did damage to his vehicle.

Suspicious person, comp is cleaning and a male is at the front wanting to get in.

Assist other agency, two car crash, unknown injuries, County Road 82.

Criminal damage to property, job site trailer broken into, nothing stolen but locks were cut, Rosewood Lane Southeast.

Assist other agency, items stolen out of vehicle.

Property damage crash, vehicle hit a sign, minor crash, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a gambling table on back side of street, unknown if person has gambling permit, it was people playing a board game.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over road.

Theft, comp reported theft of a flat wagon style green cart.


This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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