Law Enforcement Blotter: Jan. 10-13


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Monday, Jan. 10

Motorist assist, garbage truck has been pulled over for a while, working on mechanical issues, Berglund Mile NE, Nelson.

Motorist assist, checked on person with flashers on, was going to wait for vehicle to warm up to try it again, County Road 82 NW.

Personal injury crash, vehicle went in ditch, 100th Avenue, Ashby.


Assist other agency, Interstate 94 SW.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94 SW.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Assist other agency, Interstate 94.

Fraud, someone replaced a name on a check and tried to cash it, Big Chip Road NW, Brandon.

Assist other agency, Clover Lane NE, Eagle Bend.

Motorist assist, County Road 1 SW, Kensington.

Public assist, Garden Drive SW.


Attempted fraud, caller to speak with deputy regarding calls from "Amazon" requesting money, party is not out any money, will screen future calls, Latoka Drive Court SW.

Suspicious activity, Oak Tree Road NE, Miltona.

Assist other agency, Cart Trail SW, Kensington.

Suspicious vehicle, Chevy driving around on the lake with its lights off circling fish houses, states he was looking for new fishing spots, Lake Geneva.

Wednesday, Jan. 12

10-50 with one vehicle, one-vehicle rollover, no injuries, State Highway 27.

Assist other agency, Irving Street.

Drug-related activity, found drug paraphernalia, item placed in evidence for destruction, State Highway 29 N.


Public assist, County Road 38 NE, Carlos.

Public assist, lift assist, Douglas Avenue, Carlos.

Motorist assist, stuck vehicle, state park has a tractor to help pull vehicle out, County Road 38 NE, Carlos.


Monday, Jan. 10

Suspicious activity, caller thinks someone was trying to get into her house at the back door, doesn't hear anyone anymore, no footprints in the snow or sign of anything suspicious, Lake Street.

Fraud, employee took in three counterfeit $100 bills, North Nokomis NE.

Suspicious person, person walking around asking for money, two people arrested for fifth degree controlled substance, 50th Avenue W.


Assist other agency, warrant from Texas, Third Avenue W.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Pioneer Road SE.

10-50 hit and run, vehicle hit earlier today, 11th Avenue W.

Property damage crash, minor crash, 44th Avenue W.

Theft, some packages were stolen from the mail room and employee has camera footage of the theft, 10th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller states she has $500 missing and there is also a broken window in her basement, Lake Street.

Property damage crash, no injuries, 12th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries, 44th Avenue W.


Public assist, 20th Avenue W.

Property damage crash, 10th Avenue E.

Juvenile trouble, North McKay Avenue.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94 SW.

Public assist, lift assist, Darling Avenue E.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Criminal damage to property, Sixth Avenue E.

Public assist, 30th Avenue W.


Public assist, Fillmore Street.

Juvenile trouble, South McKay Avenue.

Public assist, 34th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, vehicle in ditch, 34th Avenue E.

Theft, catalytic converter stolen off shop truck, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, two-vehicle crash blocking intersection, 15th Avenue W.

Fraud, someone filed for unemployment under caller's name, Sessions Street NW.

Suspicious vehicle, Agnes Boulevard.

Suspicious activity, truck sitting in the middle of the road with a bunch of people around it, person was driving vehicle when rear end went out and the other people around the vehicle were his friends, Broadway Street.

Theft, caller had a package delivered yesterday but it never showed up, thinks it may have been stolen, Kenwood Street.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Assist other agency, North Nokomis NE.

Public assist, there's water running out of one of the units into the parking lot, 22nd Avenue W.

Property damage crash, North Nokomis Street.

Juvenile trouble, Fourth Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, caller states there is a car in his yard, State Highway 29 N.

Public assist, North Nokomis NE.

10-50 with two or more vehicles, minor accident, no injuries, Fourth Avenue E.

Theft, caller had her checkbook stolen from her house in November, Elm Street.

Fraud, unemployment filed in caller's name, 34th Avenue W.

Public assist, gas drive-off, Broadway Street.

Assist other agency, 14th Avenue W.

Public assist, lift assist, Jefferson Street.

Driving complaint, RV with no plates with several kids inside with no seat belts, Third Avenue W.

Motorist assist, popped tire, Dakota Street.

Suspicious activity, caller caught two younger males smoking marijuana behind the store, they then came into the store causing a scene, Third Avenue E.

Public assist, assisted caller in moving wheelchair, Westwood Drive SW.

Assist other agency, Sixth Avenue E.

Thursday, Jan. 13

Suspicious activity, person arrested for second degree burglary and criminal damage, 34th Avenue W.

Public assist, lift assist, Westwood Drive SW.

Suspicious person, store manager states that there is a man asking customers to buy him things, making them feel uncomfortable, person arrested on Polk warrant, South Broadway Street.

Juvenile trouble, Pioneer Road SE.

10-50 hit and run, caller reporting her car has a dent in it and needs a report for insurance, Seventh Avenue E.

Public assist, Elm Street.

Drug-related activity, caller found drug paraphernalia, person arrested for fourth degree sale of controlled substance, Aga Drive.

Public assist, assistance with lights when vehicle is pulled out of ditch, 34th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, 17th Avenue E.

Public assist, 20th Avenue W.

Public assist, Aga Drive.

Assist other agency, McFarlane Street NW.

Public assist, lift assist, Lake Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Travis Gulbrandson covers several beats, including Osakis School Board and Osakis City Council, along with the Brandon-Evansville School Board. His focus will also be on crime and court news.
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