Law Enforcement Blotter: Feb. 25-27


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Friday, Feb. 25

Public assist, lift assist, West Reed Avenue, Nelson.

Public assist, bring male home from ER, Oak Street W, Osakis.

Assist other agency, Evergreen Lane SW.


Property damage crash, no injuries, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Public assist, Pope Douglas SW.

Public assist, Cowboy Lane SE, Osakis.

Saturday, Feb. 26

Assist other agency, North Nokomis NE.

Motorist assist, checking tire, County Road 15 NW, Evansville.

10-50 hit and run, truck hit vehicle in parking lot, crashed into ditch, driver took off on foot, person arrested for minor consumption and obstruction, another person arrested for third degree DWI, leave the scene of a crash, minor while driving, flee on foot, State Highway 29 N, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, caller states neighbors are out of town and there is a vehicle there that she does not recognize, person was parked there because he cannot get into the driveway of the cabin next door and knew the owner was gone, he will be there over the weekend, Frances Lane NW, Miltona.


Public assist, East Le Homme Dieu Heights NE.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94, Evansville.

Public assist, broken-down snowmobile, owner was in the process of replacing the belt, said he was good and had a working phone, County Road 15 NW, Evansville.

Motorist assist, person will work on getting vehicle moved by dark, 74th Avenue NW.

Motorist assist, snowmobile struck guard rail, no damage, County Road 5 NE, Carlos.

Assist other agency, Third Avenue E.

Sunday, Feb. 27

Assist other agency, 13th Avenue E.


Assist other agency, 13th Avenue E.

Public assist, dive team assisted with Polar Plunge, Arrowwood Lane NW.

Public assist, Arrowwood Lane NW.

Public assist, South Darling Drive NW.

Juvenile trouble, Mina Meadow Lane NW.

Juvenile trouble, South Ketelle Drive NE, Osakis.


Friday, Feb. 25

Assist other agency, Third Avenue E.

Motorist assist, semi blocking both lanes, person cited for illegal U-turn, 34th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, ride home from ER, Sessions Street NW.

Suspicious person, older male party seems confused, says he can't remember where he lives and is cold, person was returned to his address listed under his file, East Golf Course Road NE.

Assist other agency, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, Aga Drive.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries, Fourth Avenue E.

10-50 hit and run, caller reporting a hit and run that happened Tuesday night, 30th Avenue E.

Driving complaint, 34th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, female walking south down the middle of Broadway, 17th Avenue E.

Fraud, caller received a message on Facebook claiming she was to receive money, caller gave out personal information, Woodland Park Drive NE.

Public assist, caller states the building is unusually warm and the walls feel warm, had a leak in the roof, believes it might be an electrical issue, no smell of smoke, Sixth Avenue W.

Motorist assist, changed battery in vehicle, 34th Avenue W.

Public assist, lift assist, Sixth Avenue E.

Saturday, Feb. 26

Assist other agency, State Highway 29 N, Carlos.

Property damage crash, SUV hit another SUV while parking, Third Avenue W.

Fire, snowmobile on fire, Glacier Avenue.

Driving complaint, loud truck, two-stepped his truck in front of caller's horses to scare them, State Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, male making a scene inside, swearing at the cashier, then went outside and is now standing by a blue van, Third Avenue E.

Public assist, 10th Avenue W.

Public assist, supervised crowd until the end of the game, Third Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, observed vehicle driving on sidewalk, stopped and identified occupants, advised them to leave, no damage noted around the property, Pioneer Road SE.

Motorist assist, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Sunday, Feb. 27

Suspicious person, 13th Avenue E.

10-50 hit and run, State Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, caller hit in the parking lot and let the other driver leave and now wants a report made, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, gas drive-off, contacted the company that owns the trailer, they will call and get the gas paid for, State Highway 29 S.

Motorist assist, vehicle towed, 50th Avenue W.

Property damage crash, Third Avenue E.

Driving complaint, speeding up and slowing down, 30th Avenue E.

Assist other agency, Northside Drive NE.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Travis Gulbrandson covers several beats, including Osakis School Board and Osakis City Council, along with the Brandon-Evansville School Board. His focus will also be on crime and court news.
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