Law enforcement blotter: April 24-26

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE April 24 911 hang up, unable to make contact, Garfield. Welfare check requested on son who reportedly left school angry, all is well, Alexandria. April 25 Noise complaint, tenants in basement apartment partying too...


April 24

911 hang up, unable to make contact, Garfield.

Welfare check requested on son who reportedly left school angry, all is well, Alexandria.

April 25


Noise complaint, tenants in basement apartment partying too loud, agreed to quiet down, Brandon.

Underage party, several citations issued for minor consumption of alcohol, Carlos.

Report of vulnerable adult at hospital with compression fracture, will follow up with social services, Evansville.

Doctor requesting welfare check on patient, Carlos.

Caller concerned for brother who got a screw in his hand earlier, would like a deputy to run him antibiotics but does not know his address, Alexandria.

Caller did not appreciate getting the one-finger-wave from sister-in-law, would like to get a restraining order, Osakis.

Caller opening camper for the season and found broken window, Alexandria.

Report of dog owner abusing dog, punching it in the head until the dog threw up, Brandon.


Fight, one person arrested for violating conditions of release, Miltona.

April 26

Loud party reported, unable to locate, Alexandria.

Caller stating post-it notes are all over the house from daughter’s boyfriend, notes were of non-threatening nature, Alexandria.

Harassment, neighbor kid is driving by using obscene hand gestures, caller has restraining order against him, Osakis.

Theft report from inmate, heard rumors stuff was stolen to pay off debt, roommate stated he would hang on to property until paid back, Miltona.

Complaint of large bonfire and fireworks, fire was small on arrival and tended to, homeowner said fireworks were gone, Alexandria.

Caller reporting his dog was shot and died, has an x-ray with bullet in pet, suspect a neighbor, Garfield.



April 24

Noise complaint, Elm.

Crash, 50th Ave/Hwy 29.

Crash, 15th Ave/Broadway.

Tow company reporting uncased firearm in back seat, put in evidence for safe keeping, Irving.

Report of trailer house parked in yard against city ordinance, owner unaware of ordinance and will move it, 12th Ave.

Caller stating ex opened a phone account in his name and he is still receiving bills, Spruce St.


Questions regarding issues with a property, 7th Ave.

Customer threatened suicide over the phone, Spruce St.

Theft, Pioneer Rd.

Report of fradulant PayPal account, McCauley Ln.

Possible theft of computer, Broadway.

Report of male threatening mother and child in business, gone on arrival, 3rd Ave.

House shot with BB gun, Kenwood.

Several 911 calls of possible drive by shooting, window of van shot out with kids inside, Kenwood.


Caller stating his son stole an iPod and listed it on Craigslist, Fillmore.

Vehicle window shot out, 8th Ave.

April 25

Caller stating someone threw something at his taxi, unable to locate, Bundy Ave/City Park Rd.

Combative patient at ER, 17th Ave.

Crash, 50th Ave.

Second incident of house being shot by pellet gun, Kenwood.

Window in truck knocked out, Oak St.


Questions regarding restraining order, Hawthorne St.

Requested welfare check on person, boyfriend not get to contact her and is concerned, nobody was home, 45th Ave.

Gas leak, 34th Ave.

Male urinating outside RCC, was spoken with, 3rd Ave.

April 26

Caller dropped friends off at home and found unknown people inside, parties were dropped off at wrong address, Armstrong Rd.

Fight in drive thru, Hwy 29.

Crash, Broadway.

Report of male jumping into traffic, unable to locate, 34th Ave/Broadway.

Caller stating a vehicle pulled up to her and her children and asked them to go with them, suspects denied saying anything, Hwy 29.

Hit and run, Dakota St.

Caller stating someone wrote graffiti on his car, obscenities were written in the dust on the vehicle, Hwy 29.

Report of a scary person on a bike following two kids, 6th Ave.

Couple making out in car for 15 minutes, caller would like them to move along, Fillmore.

Drug related activity, guest at hotel smoking pot, Hwy 29.

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