Massman Companies will not be constructing a new facility in Alexandria Township.

The Alexandria Township Board voted unanimously to deny the Villard-based company’s request for permission to change two residential zones into commercial zones. The action was taken on Monday, Oct. 4, at the board’s regular meeting.

Board clerk Greg Raisanen said there were concerns that the plan was not consistent with the township’s existing comprehensive plan, and that spot zoning specifically was the biggest concern.

Residents also were adamantly opposed to the project being done at that location.

The disputed area was located just off of Hazel Hill Road past the intersection with Maple Drive.

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At a meeting held on Sept. 7, Massman CEO Jeffrey Hohn had said the company wanted to keep the affected area as close to its current state as possible, stating that it would be built in an opening in the trees, not one of which is intended to be cut down, he said.

He also said the company would maintain 50 of the 60 affected acres as open space, including wetlands areas, and that there would be a buffer zone between the facility and surrounding properties.

On Aug. 31, the Alexandria Township Planning Commission held a public meeting at which many people spoke of their opposition to the proposed facility, citing such issues as increased traffic, the impact on residential growth and setting a precedent for other businesses to come into the area.

The Alexandria Township Planning Commission also voted unanimously to recommend denying permission to change the zones from residential to commercial at that Aug. 31 meeting.