At a 5.89% increase, the preliminary levy has been set by the Douglas County Commissioners.

At the Tuesday, Sept. 21, board meeting, commissioners set the 2022 preliminary levy at $30.86 million.

Although there was no discussion about the increase, Commissioner Heather Larson stated, “We are working to get it lowered.”

After the preliminary levy has been set, commissioners can always decrease it, but they cannot increase it. Commissioners are hoping to decrease it down to at least 4%, which means they will be working hard the next couple months making cuts to the budget.

A budget hearing has been set, which is when detailed information about the county’s budget will be presented. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 2, at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom.

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Here’s a look at previous levies:

  • 2021: $29.1 million – 2.5% increase

  • 2020: $28.4 million – 4.2% increase

  • 2019: $27.2 million – 3% increase

  • 2018: $26.4 million – 1.84% increase

  • 2017: $25.9 million – 1.96% increase

  • 2016: $25.4 million – No change

  • 2015: $25.4 million – 0.47% decrease

  • 2014: $25.6 million – 4.25% increase

Other approval items

Douglas County commissioners approved several other items, including the following:

  • Three donations to the Douglas County Honor Guard – $300 from the Osakis VFW, $600 from the Alexandria Elks Lodge and $3,500 from Integrity Title.
  • Appropriation of $10,000 to the Runestone Museum.
  • Preliminary plat of Longview Estates, which includes 22 residential lots in Osakis Township.
  • Conditional use permit to Shane and Sarah Johnston for a one-chair beauty salon in a residential property in LaGrand Township. The one-chair salon will be located within a detached pole building recently constructed on the property.
  • Conditional use permit to Minnerath Investments, LLC for a 33-acre aggregate mining and processing operation, including operation of an asphalt plant. The mining operation would be located in Hudson Township, south of Interstate 94 and north of County Road 87, near three other similar facilities. Minnerath Investments recently purchased the 75-acre piece of property and received a conditional use permit to use 27 acres for outdoor storage of construction and paving equipment.