Alexandria Planning Commission

Monday, April 19

Please note that the members of the Planning Commission may participate remotely via telephone or video. Members of the public also have the right to participate in the meeting by phone or other electronic means. To participate remotely via video, visit the following Zoom link.: The meeting ID is 818 5979 0085 and the passcode is 658187. To join by phone only, dial 1-312-626-6799 and enter meeting ID 818 5979 0085.

1. 7 p.m. Public hearing for Planned Unit Development amendment – Unique Development, LLP. The applicant is requesting to amend an existing amended Planned Unit Development (PUD-16-001, as previously amended) for the removal of the parking requirements for a proposed community center/clubhouse. The property is in an amended PUD/R-3 “Medium Density Residential” zoning district. The property is located on 10th Ave. E.

2. 7:10 p.m. Public hearing for vacation request – Duininck Concrete, LLC. The applicant asks to vacate part of Fifth Avenue lying west of Oak Street and east of the Soo Line/CP Rail rail-line. The property is in an I-1 “Light Industrial District” zoning district.

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3. 7:20 p.m. Public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit – Meadow Homes, LLC. The applicant asks to allow the construction of a 53-unit apartment building with underground parking, an above ground parking lot, a drive lane, trash enclosure, and underground stormwater detection and water quality in an R-3 “Medium Density Residential” zoning district. The property is located west of “The Meadows” Townhomes (west of the N Nokomis St/Green Lane intersection and south of Alexandria Golf Club).

4. 7:30 p.m. Public hearing for Conditional Use Permit – Skid Pro Attachments. The applicant asks to allow off-site parking at 804 S. McKay Ave. to serve a proposed building addition at 807 S. McKay Ave. (across McKay Avenue/CSAH 46). The property is in a B-1 “General Business” zoning district.

5. Old and other business

A. Final plat – The Meadows First Addition

B. Final plat – Morning Birch Avenue

Douglas County Board of Commissioners

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, April 20

Location: Douglas County Courthouse Board Room, 305 8th Ave. W, Alexandria

9:00 a.m. Call to order, approve agenda, approve draft minutes of April 6 regular meeting

9:01 a.m. Chad Larson, county attorney

1. Resolution – Authorizing Joint Powers Agreement with the State of Minnesota – action

2. Approve Joint Powers Agreement with Bureau of Criminal Apprehension – action

3. Approve Court Data Services subscriber amendment to the Criminal Justice Data Network subscriber agreement – action

9:06 a.m. Troy Wolbersen, sheriff

1. Resolutions – Public Employees Retirement Association – action

2. Resolution – Accept donation to DARE Program – action

9:11 a.m. Vicki Doehling, auditor/treasurer

1. Resolution – Gambling permits – action

9:16 a.m. Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services director

1. Request Letter of Support – Adult & Teen Challenge – action

2. Request Letter of Support – Nystrom & Associates, LTD – action

3. Purchase of service agreement – Alexandria Public Schools – action

9:51 a.m. Jill Frisell, assistant auditor/treasurer/finance director

1. Bills – action

2. Request to Hire CLA as American Rescue Plan consultant – action

9:56 a.m. Break

10:01 a.m. Dave Rush, Land and Resource director

1. Licenses – action

2. Resolution supporting Chippewa River Watershed Planning – action

3. Renew contract for SSTS services with Alexandria Township – action

4. Ordinance revisions related to clearing, grading, riprap, and pervious pavement – informational

10:21 a.m. Board

1. Reappointment as county highway engineer – action

10:26 a.m. Tim Erickson, Public Works director

1. Award bid: SAP 021-601-038, etc. (2021 paving projects) – action

2. Approve reclamation and bituminous surfacing agreement – action

3. Award bid: SAP 021-609-012 (CSAH 9 grading) – action

4. Approve Pilgrim Point Road agreement – action

5. Resolution designating County Road 116 – action

6. Approve 2021 Drainage & Ag Report – action

10:46 a.m. Mod Feders, Buetow II Architects

1. Space Needs study – action

10:56 a.m. Heather Schlangen

1. Results of closed session – informational

2. Approve two change box funds in the amount of $3 each at the library for the public copy machine retroactive to Jan. 21, 2020 – action


These items are as of Wednesday, April 13, and are subject to change.