State Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, opposes Gov. Tim Walz’s decision to use the state’s disaster relief fund to pay for fire damage caused during this summer’s riots in Minneapolis.

Ingebrigtsen called Walz' action unacceptable and said it deepens the rural-metro divide.

“When Gov. Walz ran for office under the slogan 'One Minnesota,' nobody in Minnesota could have imagined this was the way he meant,” Ingebrigtsen said in a statement issued Monday, Nov. 16. “Gov. Walz continues to circumnavigate the Legislature at every opportunity he can. First, with COVID, now with our disaster recovery account."

Ingebrigtsen urged the governor to reconsider his decision.

"The governor’s actions are divisive, and he must rethink draining the disaster relief account to help Minneapolis rebuild after their riots," Ingebrigtsen said. "Those resources are only meant to help communities rebuild after tornadoes, flooding, or other natural disasters, and now he’s leaving them without protection. This action reinforces the rural metro divide and shows that Walz’s truly only views Greater Minnesota as 'rocks and cows.' This is unacceptable, and is only made worse that our state is in this situation as a result that Walz’s indecisive leadership first allowed the riots to spill out of control.”

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The Minnesota Senate this summer convened a series of Joint Committee hearings to review the actions of the Walz Administration and Mayor Jacob Frey. The result, Ingebrigtsen said, is a 61-page report that details the failures that unnecessarily led to widespread damage and uncontrolled rioting.