American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) received a one-day, off-site charitable gambling license to sell raffles at the Runestone Community Center on Sunday, May 17 with one condition – the Minnesota Department of Health must allow large gatherings of 50 or more people for the permit to be valid.

The state acted to limit large gatherings earlier this month in an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The council also issued ABATE a temporary liquor license for May 16-17 under the same condition.

Here are other items from Monday’s meeting not covered in other council stories:

RCC to be closed until April 15

The Runestone Community Center, which was closed until March 27 in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, will now be closed until April 15, pending any changes ordered by the Minnesota Department of Health.

RCC Manager Vinnie Hennen and city officials made the decision after reviewing what was happening at other arenas around the state.

They will continue to meet on a weekly basis to review recommendations at the state and federal level.

Hilltop Lumber project moves ahead

The council approved a final right-of-way plat for Sunset Way, a short, dead-end street east of North Nokomis Street.

The action was requested by Hilltop Lumber and will allow the company to build an L-shaped storage shed for the lumber yard on the north side of the street.

The council approved the revised right-of-way in January and the final plat was recently approved by the Douglas County surveyor.

Bids for electric project

The council awarded $207,872 in bids to move more of ALP Utilities electric lines underground.

The bids came in well below the estimate of $240,000.

The materials from Moorhead-based RESCO include transformers and cable.

The underground project areas include North Noonan Park (Lake and Maple Street north of the park to Sixth Avenue), Fillmore Street (from 15th Avenue to 22nd Avenue) and South Broadway (from 22nd Avenue to 50th Avenue).

The construction portion of the project will be bid in April.

The total cost is estimated at $1.8 million and was approved by the ALP Utilities Board in its 2020 capital budget.

Portions of two streets vacated

The council gave final approval to an ordinance that vacates a portion of Second Avenue East and a portion of Oak Street. It was requested by the Ostendorf Owners Association and received preliminary approval from the council last July.

The property is landlocked and only used by customers of Tiremaxx, according to Lee Ostendorf. He agreed to take over the maintenance of the road and realign some of the access to the back of the property for better traffic flow. He said his current parking lot is getting full and this will help.