Elections were held Tuesday in 17 townships in Douglas County, and in most cases incumbents won re-election by running unopposed.

However, there were a few contested races.

In Lund Township, incumbent supervisor Michael Stramer was defeated by Jon Ford 75-58. A one-year supervisor seat was also up for election and was won by Michael New. In a three-person race for clerk, Kim Englund was re-elected over Caroline Vickur and Sue Bertrand.

In LaGrand Township, Allen Scofield drew 47 of 48 write-in votes, but that wasn’t enough to unseat incumbent Dick Miller for supervisor. Miller received 74 votes.

In Moe Township, incumbent supervisor Lynn Bushard defeated Scott Wright 38-14.

In Orange Township, incumbent Bruce Massmann did not run for a supervisor position. In voting Tuesday, Dave Boogaard received 14 votes and Bob Massmann 5.

Brandon, Carlos and Miltona townships all hold elections in November on even-numbered years.

Following are the results from Tuesday’s elections – (i) denotes incumbent. Unless otherwise noted, supervisor seats are for three years and clerk positions are for two years.

Alexandria – Supervisor: Jerry Wright (i) 20. Supervisor: Dennis Butz (i) 18.

Belle River – Supervisor: Doug Steidl (i) 25.

Evansville – Supervisor: Tony Wright (i) 8.

Holmes City – Supervisor: Darin Weisel (i) 22. Clerk/treasurer: Christopher Wanner (i) 22.

Hudson – Supervisor: Jeffrey Tvrdik (i) 28. Treasurer: Carol Hedlund (i) 28, 3 write-ins.

Ida – Supervisor: Mike Steidl (i) 19.

LaGrand – Supervisor: Dick Miller (i) 74, 48 write-ins.

Lake Mary – Supervisor: James Schmidt (i) 34, Clerk: Susan Hanson (i) 34.

Leaf Valley – Supervisor: Brent Ost (i) 23. Clerk: Pam Cuperus (i) 22.

Lund – Supervisor: Jon Ford 75, Michael Stramer (i) 58. Supervisor (1 year): Michael New 114, 11 write-ins. Clerk: Kim Englund (i) 68, Caroline Vickur 49, Sue Bertrand 16.

Millerville – Supervisor Larry Carlson (i) 14. Clerk Marilyn Bitzan (i) 15.

Moe – Supervisor: Lynn Bushard (i) 38, Scott Wright 14. Clerk: Todd Egenes (i) 45.

Orange – Supervisor: Dave Boogaard 14, Bob Massmann 5. Clerk: Jennifer Dietrich (i) 19.

Osakis – Supervisor: Brain Niehoff (i) 9, write-in 1. Clerk/treasurer: Dawn McNeal (i) 11.

Solem – Supervisor: Curt Hamen (i) 10. Clerk: Marcy Holl (i) 10.

Spruce Hill – Supervisor: Larry Skoglund (i) 13. Clerk: Karen Kuhnau (i) 12, 1 write-in.

Urness – Supervisor: John Plaster (i) 10.