The city of Alexandria’s Cultural Inclusiveness Committee, which has been inactive since the early 2010s, may soon be revived.

City Administrator Marty Schultz and Police Captain Scott Kent were recently invited to a board meeting of the local Inclusion Network and discussed the possibility of reconstituting the committee with new members.

In his written notes to the council, Schultz said it was a “very positive meeting” and he requested the council’s approval to solicit applications for those wanting to join the committee.

Following are other items from the Feb. 10 council meeting not covered in other stories.

Charter changes advance

The council took the next step in the lengthy process of changing some sections in the home rule charter, the document or “constitution“ that guides how city government functions.

The council unanimously approved second readings of four amendments that were recommended by the city’s Charter Commission and relate to ALP Utilities. They include:

  • Section 2.07. The name of the Board of Public Works is being changed to Board of Public Utilities.

  • Section 6.02. This clarifies that the utility provides water, electric and business communications services. Membership on the board was changed from between three and five members to between five and seven members. The number of consecutive terms were changed from no more than two three-year appointments to no more than three three-year appointments.

  • Section 7.09. This replaces the term city “clerk” with “administrator” and public “works” with public “utilities.” The section relates to contracts and purchases, which the amendment won’t change.

  • Article 10. This clarifies that the Board of Public Utilities is directly responsible for the management, operation and control of the plans and systems associated with ALP Utilities. It also changes the title of “secretary” to “general manager.” and spells out his duties.

The amendments must now have to be signed by the mayor and go through a 60-day waiting period. This allows citizens to force a referendum if they provide a petition signed by 5 percent of the voters from the last election.

After 90 days, the council will have to publish the amendments in the newspaper before they become part of the charter.

The Charter Commission spent about six years going through the charter, making recommendations to update the document so it reflects the current practices of the council.

Park board change

The council gave final approval to increasing the members on the city’s Park Board from six members to seven.

Six of the members will be appointed by the council and one by the mayor.

City Administrator Marty Schultz noted that many other boards and commissions have seven members so the change wouldn’t create an unusual exception.

Bayside annexation

Two parcels of land along County Road 42 in Carlos Township that once included the now closed Sunnies General Store, may soon be annexed to the city.

The council accepted a petition from the new property owner, Bayside LLC, in Tangens Shady Acres to annex the 0.12 acres of land and approved a first reading.

The owner requested the action so the property can be combined with other property that’s already part of the city.

Carlos Township, the county and the state will be notified about the request.

Beer at a ballgame

The council issued a temporary beer license to Willmar Baseball, LLC to sell beer at a baseball game at Knute Nelson Field on June 12. As has been the case for several years, the Willmar Stingers will be playing in Alexandria during the Northwoods League Season.

Utility easement

The council preliminarily approved a request to vacate a portion of a platted utility easement along Sunset Way in the North Nokomis Addition.