At its Monday night meeting, the Alexandria City Council agreed to change how two streets are designated.

A section of Fifth Avenue, from Broadway to Hawthorne, will no longer be designated for municipal state aid. Instead, 18th Avenue, from Broadway to Jefferson, will become a state-aid street.

Last year, the city received $1,125,000 in total municipal state aid funds.

The council made the change in order to use federal and municipal state aid funding for the 18th Avenue project, which is planned for construction in 2021.

In related action, the council authorized staff to submit an application to receive federal funding to extend 18th Avenue east between Nokomis Street and McKay Avenue in 2024. The project has been in the planning stages for many years and is in the city’s Capital Improvement Budget for 2024.

The $3.23 million project includes reconstructing the west portion of Pioneer Road and extending a new road between Pioneer Road and McKay Avenue. The east end of the project is located where the current driveway is for the new First Lutheran Church.

The road will be constructed as a collector street, similar to Sixth Avenue and is expected to be a significant east-west route through that part of the city as future development occurs. The project also includes new watermain, sanitary sewer, stormsewer and sidewalks.

Following are other items from the Jan. 13 meeting that weren’t included in other council stories.

Housing project hits delays

Last February, the city approved a grant agreement with the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for $1 million to help construct a new 32-unit apartment building, west of Birch Avenue, for workforce housing.

The Central Lakes Apartments, a $4.48 million project, is a partnership between the Alexandria Housing and Redevelopment Authority and DW Jones, Inc.

The original grant agreement called for construction to begin by Feb. 7, 2020 but because of delays in the platting and development process, construction didn’t start as planned, and will now have to wait until spring.

The city agreed to extend the start date by six months. The completion date of Feb. 7, 2022 did not change.

Public works equipment

The council agreed to authorize up to $430,000 in a lease-purchase agreement for a plow truck and grader for the public works division.

The council had previously authorized up to $420,000 for a loader and grader but decided to hold off buying a loader and get the plow truck instead. The current quotes for the equipment total just over $425,000. Also, the city found out the trade-in value for a 1990 plow truck was limited.

Rules of order

The council, as stated in the city charter, has to make a decision at the start of a new year about the rules of procedure it will follow.

It voted to follow its own rules of decorum and procedures, based mostly on Robert’s Rules of Order, that it approved last year.

Licenses approved

The council issued a charitable gambling permit to the Alexandria Youth Bowling Association to conduct bingo and a raffle on Friday, March 13 at Garden Center Lanes/Broadway Ballroom.

The council also issued a tobacco license to Infinite Vapor in Alexandria.