State Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, changed her mind and decided to meet with the Alexandria Area High School Democrats on Wednesday.

"I met with the Alexandria High School Democrats, and we had an engaging and productive discussion on the issues of climate change, college affordability and a carbon tax," Franson told the Echo Press on Friday morning. "I appreciate the assistance of Alexandria High School in helping to facilitate the meeting, and that we were able to meet in an appropriate venue.

"I also apologized by stating I should have handled the situation better," Franson said. "Leaders are able to admit their mistakes and apologize."

The students were glad that the meeting took place.

"Thank you Rep. Mary Franson for meeting with us yesterday," the students said on their Twitter account Thursday. "While it took a while to set this up, we appreciate you meeting with your constituents. Happy holidays!"

Franson initially declined meeting with the students last week, saying she didn't meet with partisan groups in her office. She also expressed concerns about the group supporting her opponent's campaign and the fact that some of the students were minors.

The Twitter exchanges between Franson and the student group went viral, generating more than 200,000 interactions on Twitter.