The Alexandria’s School Board’s COVID-19 Advisory team announced a three-phase plan to get grades 6-12 back into the classroom for full in-person learning starting Feb. 8.

Based on the decreasing local and regional COVID-19 case counts, Alexandria will roll out a one-month plan to bring middle and high school students back to Discovery Middle School and Alexandria Area High School. Students will be required to wear face covering in the schools while maintaining social distancing. Families may opt out of in-person learning for a 100% distance learning option.

Here is the timeline that was sent out to District 20 parents on Wednesday:

Phase I: February 5: No School Grades 6-8, DMS transition planning day for staff per Governor’s Executive Order.

February 8: 6th grade back full in-person; 12th grade back full in-person

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February 18: DMS Prep Day per Executive Order for required additional prep time; AAHS transition planning day for staff per Governor’s Executive Order.

Alexandria Public Schools will monitor COVID-19 data closely during the Phase I period. With the support of it COVID-19 Advisory team, District 206 will look to move to Phase II should the data support the next step. This is in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) which requires a two-week period between phases of having students return to in-person learning. It is important to proceed in small steps as we have nearly 1,000 students at DMS and over 1,200 at AAHS. The plan is to balance student and staff safety and we recognize the importance on many levels of our young people being in school.

The provisional plan for the next phases are listed below. The teams will continue to meet and monitor the data throughout the phases and will make a final determination on Phase II on February 17 as to whether we continue with full in-person return of additional grade levels or maintain a hybrid model.

Phase II: February 23: Grades 7-9 back in person

Phase III: March 8: Grades 10 and 11 back in person