Alexandria Education Foundation (AEF) has been awarded $4,000 for the Meals with Care Fund. This is supported by a grant from the Ruth McDonald Fund of the Alexandria Area Community Foundation (AACF).

AEF will use the $4,000 grant to provide support to the Alexandria Public Schools (APS) Food and Nutrition Services for the 2020-2021 school year.

The number of families who struggle to pay for school lunch is increasing and AEF has a Meals with Care Fund that helps to cover the cost of school lunch, and in some cases breakfast, for those in need. The Meals with Care Fund is necessary to fill the gap for those who may not qualify for free or reduced lunch but are currently experiencing a financial hardship and need some assistance with providing meals at school, according to AEF.

Any student, preschool through senior high, enrolled in Alexandria Public Schools may receive financial support for meals served at school through the Meals with Care Fund.

“We are so thankful to the Alexandria Education Foundation and their generous $4,000 support to FNS’s Meals with Care Fund,” said Janeen Peterson, food and nutrition services director, Alexandria Public Schools. “As a result of their efforts, we are able to ensure our most vulnerable families have the support they need to meet food scarcity challenges.”

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AEF took action at its Oct. 6 board meeting to grant the funds to APS Food and Nutrition Services and the Alexandria School Board will accept the donation at the Oct. 19 regular meeting.