Alexandria Public Schools and the Brandon-Evansville School District received 6,600 neck straps for face masks Wednesday, Sept. 23.

In response to the new COVID-19 restrictions this academic year, Bremer Bank partnered with Donnelly Custom Manufacturing to provide neck straps to every student, teacher and faculty member. The goal is to increase the comfort of students and staff as they proceed throughout the school day.

“At Donnelly, we are very excited about working with Bremer Bank and happy to provide a resource for students, educators and faculty that will help them feel a little extra comfort while wearing masks throughout the day,” said Ron Kirscht, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing president.

Donnelly produced the attachment to provide relief for people’s ears from the face mask straps. The bendable, one-size-fits-all neck piece connects to the elastic bands that loop around a person’s ears.

Any pressure built up in the sensitive area behind the ear from extended periods of mask wearing is transferred to the back of the neck, which relieves the more delicate spot of tension. Kids may choose to decorate and personalize their neck straps by writing their name, drawing or coloring on the strip of plastic.

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“This new academic year is going to be a different experience for everyone in a number of ways,” said Rick Sansted, Alexandria Public Schools superintendent. “These neck straps are a wonderfully useful tool in helping our students feel more comfortable and focused while wearing their face masks during the school day.”