A special school board meeting for the Brandon-Evansville School District is being planned for after July 27, the day Gov. Tim Walz is expected to make a decision on the upcoming school year.

It is unknown yet if students will be going back to school as usual, if they will be distance learning again or if there will be a hybrid of the two options. The school district needs to have three plans in place and be ready for whatever the governor decides, said Superintendent Don Peschel.

“We have to be prepared,” he said. “And we will have to have training sessions with teachers.”

The training workshops, said Peschel, will be related to how the district will handle COVID-19 related items, such as how the district will be following the guidelines set by the state, as well as what happens if there is an outbreak.

Peschel said the district has looked at several different scenarios of what the upcoming school year will look like and right now there’s lots of discussion taking place until the district knows for sure what is going to happen.

He also noted that the district is working on surveys related to distance learning that staff members will take part in first. Afterward, there will be a survey for parents, which Peschel said will be “vitally important” for them to fill out as it will help the district with its decisions.

Once the governor announces his plan, Peschel said he would schedule the special School Board meeting and would let school board members know the date and time, as well as post it within the legal requirements.

Board action

School Board members approved the following items:

  • The Long-Term Facilities Maintenance report. School districts within Minnesota must annually complete a revenue statement to send to the state.

  • Contract with Nelson Bus Service for the next three years.

  • Letter of agreement for coaching contracts for the upcoming school year as it relates to COVID-19 and the cancellation of sports. The agreement states that if a season is completely cancelled, coaches will receive 20% of their normal compensation.

  • Increase of 10 cents for both lunch and breakfast prices for both students and adults.