The Alexandria School District held its Elementary Spelling Bee Jan. 24 at Woodland Elementary School, with 61 students in grades 1-5 participating.

The champions of each grade (along with word they spelled correctly to win) were:

First grade: Jaeger Running of Woodland (bubbly).

Second grade: PJ Vanderheiden of Voyager (length).

Third grade: Adley Lorentz of Voyager (appearance).

Fourth grade: Aaron Lenarz of Woodland (awkward).

Fifth grade: Hannah Hoff of Voyager (council).

The top-scoring students during the written portion of the competition advanced to the oral round. Those students were:

First grade: Hadley Flatt of Lincoln, runnerup; and Brayden Faith of Voyager.

Second grade: Joni Vanderheiden of Voyager, runnerup; and Dominik Meyer of Voyager.

Third grade: Hadley Ellingson of Woodland, runnerup; and Cael Stumvoll of Lincoln.

Fourth grade: Nils Stadsklev of Garfield, runnerup; Lucas Korman of Miltona and Brennan Lepisto of Lincoln.

Fifth grade: Alex Rodriguez of Woodland, runnerup; Thomas Dutcher of Garfield, Joshua Makalinao of Woodland and Brooke James of Lincoln.