The students at Garfield Elementary School had a hog-wild Halloween.

During the morning opening assembly at 8 a.m., Principal Troy Wunderlich walked into the school’s gym. He was joined by second grade teacher Kala Hjelle and her pet pot-bellied pig, Louie.

“Who feels bad for me?” he asked the students, waiting to see which ones raised their hands. “Who feels bad for Louie?” he asked as some more hands went up.

After brief comments about the fundraiser that took place and how proud he is of the students for raising so much money, Wunderlich got down on his knees and his lips met with Louie’s. The students squealed – and Wunderlich kissed the pig again.

“It was wet but it was fun. I’m appreciative that she has a trained pig,” he said. “I think Louie handled it better than I did.”

The students sold Otis Spunkmeyer products as well as goods for the home to raise money for field trips, lyceums (educational programs and guest speakers), the rollerskating unit, the school dance and more.

This fundraiser starts in September annually and the funds were decreasing in recent years.

Arlene Ludwig, administrative assistant at the school, decided to do something about the lower profit. She approached Hjelle, asking her to bring in her pig, and then asked Wunderlich if he’d kiss it. They both agreed, and the students met their goal, raising $7,400, an increase of $1,900 from last year’s $5,500 profit.

“If that’s what it takes to get the kids excited, I’m more than happy to do that,” Wunderlich said.

If the students had raised any more money, he would’ve had to kiss Louie’s behind. Wunderlich said he was glad he didn’t have to do that, and was grateful to have the gum that staff provided him after his big smooch.

Ludwig said that after the assembly, the staff will still be standing away from Wunderlich.

“I hope Louie’s OK after his traumatic experience,” Wunderlich joked.