During the week of May 14-18, a group of students at Jefferson High School ran a "Don't Drive Distracted" campaign.

They scheduled the campaign during May because it is one of the deadliest months for teen drivers and because a Mock Car Crash was being held at JHS for sophomores and the students felt it was important for juniors and seniors to hear the message also.

For five days they had tables set up in the JHS Commons where students could sign a pledge to not text and drive.

They handed out thumb rings and bracelets for reminders, Click-it-for-Kelsey bracelets, and reminder stickers to put on the back of cell phones.

There was a Wii set up for students to attempt a mock driving exercise while texting or wearing fatal vision goggles.

The Safe Communities Coalition set up an impact display with stories and images of individuals who have been affected by bad choices made on the road.

More than 160 students and staff signed the pledge (inset).

This event was sponsored by Alexandria Community Education and Safe Communities Coalition.

Students involved in the project included Brandon McCormick, Aaron Halvorson, Mady Urman, Hailey Thelen, Carolyn Lussenhop,

Shelby Steidl, Elliot Jacobson, Aaron Steidl, Shanee' Herd, Jazmin Roste, Emily Peck, Lisa Klinkner, Hailey Haugen, Lauren Lussenhop, Emma Lawrence and Adrianne Wensman.


Following is the pledge the group of students asked their peers to take:


Students of Jefferson High School are working together to educate our fellow students, faculty members, friends and family and our community on the inherent dangers of distracted driving. This new epidemic is making our roadways a much more dangerous place to walk, ride a bike and drive a vehicle. The true reality is distracted driving KILLS. Our goal is to collect over 500 pledges from JHS and our community.

Join us.....

* I pledge to never text and drive.

* I pledge to not send a text to anyone I know if I know that they are driving.

* I pledge to speak up when I see someone texting and driving.

* I pledge never to allow a friend or family member to text and drive.