Law enforcement have completed their search of Osakis Public School after the school received a bomb threat via email.

According to a press release from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, investigators have determined that the email was sent from out of state, and there is no indication of an actual device planted in the building.

The investigation is ongoing, but the sheriff's office does not believe there is any danger to the public or Osakis Schools at this time, the press release said.

The school was evacuated Thursday, Sept. 23, and all the students have gone home after waiting at the Osakis Community Center and Osakis Lutheran Church.

In a video posted Thursday afternoon, Superintendent Randy Bergquist said the students can return to school if they need to get anything at this time.

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Bergquist also thanked all of the law enforcement and fire fighters on the scene, as well as the parents and the students.

"I'm glad our children are safe," he said.

In an earlier video, Bergquist said the Osakis police department, fire department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office were going through the school looking for suspicious items.

A second video was posted to add that bomb-detecting dogs were being brought in to search the school.

All the lockers have been searched, as well, Bergquist said.

"Please know that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff and our community," Bergquist said.

Agencies involved in the incident include the Osakis Police Department, the Osakis Fire Department, Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.