FARGO — A mother and daughter are speaking out with empathy for the woman accused of stabbing them Thursday, May 13, in downtown Fargo.

Sandra Miles, 83, and her daughter, Sabra Ann Low, had some time to process and think about what they went through that afternoon.

"For me, it was fearless. I was empowered, fearless, and I had a feeling of just grace flowing through me, and you just respond," Low said.

Miles and Low were on their way to their Suburban after shopping Thursday afternoon. Low went around the Suburban to help her mother get in.

That is when police say Ashley Larson stabbed them both.

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Deborah Schreiner, a witness at the scene Thursday, said one of the women stabbed said they were attacked in their vehicle by a naked woman who was "drenched in blood" and wielding a large knife.

"I dropped the things off at the front seat of the car and went around the back of the long Suburban to lift her in and shut the door, and that's when it happened," Low said.

"I sort of pushed her arm up and kept saying, 'I don't want a cut on my face.' and it landed right here, on the hair," Miles said, pointing to a place on her scalp where the knife hit her.

Within minutes of the stabbings, EMS and police were on scene. Some surrounded the Suburban, into which the naked Larson climbed after the other women fled.

She had walked to the area from a block away after police said she stabbed a man she knew.

Larson, 30, faces three charges of aggravated assault in connection with the stabbing of three people. She is scheduled to appear in court June 16.

Miles and Sabra, who refused an ambulance ride despite their wounds, are concerned for Larson, even though she is someone they don't know.

"I feel so sorry for that woman," Miles said. "In the night, I kept thinking about her, and I thought, 'Somebody has failed her along the way.'"

Despite what they went through, the mother and daughter don't want Fargo or downtown to be painted with a broad brush. They only hope the woman gets the help she needs.

"There is potential everyone can transform and everyone can be healed," Low said.