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Law Enforcement Blotter: Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8


Wednesday, March 7

Suspicious activity, comp came home from being out of town and found two windows open, Alex.

911 hangup, phone issues, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, found chew in her 14-year-old son's room, would like to have him charged, was kicked out of school for having it also, Alex.

Suspicious activity, caller says that someone has been messing with her truck while it was in the garage, Brandon.

Threats, male making threats to comp over sale of house, Garfield.

Drug investigation.

Public assist, had a pistol stolen in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, it has been recovered and he needs to have it sent here but is wondering the best route to take, Alex.

Public assist, male released from jail and his phone and other stuff are all in the vehicle he was arrested in and it's in another county, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, came home and found a car parked in their yard with the doors open and no one around, suspect was arrested for drug use, Farwell.

Thursday, March 8

Sudden death, Alex.

Suspicious activity, dispatch received a threatening call toward law enforcement and person one, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, semi truck stopped at her house and driver knocked on the door, unable to locate, Alex.

Public assist, caller would like to speak to an officer about some concerns that she has, Alex.

Theft, customer dropped wallet in store last night, manager watched camera and saw another customer take it, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, city clerk went to vacant property the public was concerned about, it appears someone has been there recently with tracks and open door, Kensington.

Public assist, inmate at the jail would like to make a complaint, Alex.

Neighbor dispute, neighbors were fighting, when he said something they yelled swear words at him, Brandon.

Burglary, unknown if anything is missing from his cabin but the place has been tossed, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, white car sitting on side of road with no one around.


Wednesday, March 7

Hit and run, vehicle hit a building and a car, person one cited for leaving the scene of an accident.

Public assist, homeless male on 911 stating he is freezing and does not have a place to stay, gave ride to friend’s apartment.

911 hangup, kid playing with phone.

Property damage crash, vehicle was hit parked on the street, they left a note on the windshield.

Fraud, comp's credit card was used by someone online.

Suspicious person, male walking down the street with black jacket on and flipping people off.

Assault, patient assaulting staff.

Property damage crash, Pioneer Rd SE.

Property damage crash, 15th Ave W/Broadway St.

Theft, reporting a male that has access to her apartment stole her money and other items.

Hit and run, 3rd Ave E.

Property damage crash, Pioneer Rd SE.

Juvenile trouble.

Check welfare of person, comp concerned for her friend, caller says her friend’s fiance texted her, says he's going to shoot up her house.

Suicide attempt, very minor cut, brought to ER for back pain.

Suspicious activity, comp stating there is someone going through a vehicle with a flashlight across from her home, moving car for owner.

Thursday, March 8

Juvenile trouble.

Check welfare of person, mother was on phone with daughter while she was arguing with her boyfriend, mother would like her checked on, parties separated.

Juvenile trouble.

Property damage crash, Pioneer Rd SE.

Check welfare of person, unable to contact daughter.

Juvenile trouble, tobacco violation.

Fire, garbage can.

Suspicious person, male pacing back and forth in the parking lot, acting odd, was on phone with grandmother.

Stolen vehicle, let friend borrow vehicle, now he will not return it.

Telephone calls/harassment, caller says the female party is harassing him by phone and text messages.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W.

Harassment, text messages.

Suspicious activity, vehicle sitting in location, gone on arrival.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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