A male was found unconscious and breathing in Miltona Friday night following a crash into a power pole and a search for someone fleeing on foot.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office:

While patrolling the Miltona area at approximately 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13, sheriff's deputies observed a bright green flash of light in the sky east of the city. As they were investigating the source of the light, an emergency call from a resident to the dispatch center reported a vehicle crash and a person running through a field.

Responding to the scene, deputies found a vehicle at the intersection of County Roads 14 and 65 had crashed into a power pole, and several active power lines crossing County Road 14.

Deputies spotted a male running across a field south of the crash site, toward the city of Miltona. A search located him near 2nd Street, and he was taken by North Ambulance to Alomere Hospital. His name and age were not made public.

The crash is being investigated, and its cause is unknown.

Also responding were the Miltona Fire Department and Parkers Prairie First Responders.