PARK RAPIDS — A 4-year-old girl was injured in a somewhat freak accident at the Hubbard County Fair, which ended July 21.

The girl was in the livestock barn when her eyelid became impaled by a wire hook used to latch the gate of a rabbit cage.

Park Rapids Assistant Fire Chief Ben Cumber wasn't sure how it happened.

"Either she tripped and lost her balance, or the wind blew the gate open.” Either way, Cumber said, “it got under her eyelid, and then it pierced through her eyelid and came back out.”

Police, ambulance, Hubbard First Response and fire personnel responded to the call.

“One of the guys brought a cutter, and we did a couple practice cuts on an abandoned rabbit cage,” Cumber said.

After considering other options, they decided cutting the wire was the best move.

“One of the paramedics held the piece while we cut it. She came free right when we cut it, and as she backed away, and the paramedic wiggled the piece just a little bit, and it came right out of her eyes.”

Cumber could not confirm the child’s condition, except that she was transported to the hospital.