Tuesday, Oct. 5

Attempted fraud, possible scam on Facebook, Ridgeway Drive SW.

Driving complaint, red minivan in bike lane, South Darling Drive NW.

Fraud, found fraud money in his account, caller not at a loss and his bank account was closed, County Road 40 NW, Garfield.

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Criminal damage to property, someone took out a row of mailboxes, North Gran Street, Evansville.

Assist other agency, North Nokomis Street.

Public assist, 7th Avenue W.

Theft, someone stole a shotgun from residence, County Road 10 SE, Osakis.

Theft, caller would like to report multiple things taken from vehicle as well as check fraud, Schlosser Drive SE, Osakis.

Suspicious activity, caller states the front plate was stolen off one of his trucks, unknown if plate is missing or was taken, State Highway 29 S.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Suspicious activity, motion light on back porch came on and is still on, deputies searched area and did not locate anything suspicious, Lakecrest Road NE.

10-50 with two or more vehicles, two-car accident, County Road 7 SW, Kensington.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94, Evansville.

Public assist, Geneva Road NE.

Public assist, City of Evansville.

Assist other agency, East Lake Victoria Road SE.

Driving complaint, County Road 45 SW.

Suspicious activity, person wanted advice on how to get people to stop harassing her and wanted to report a suspicious vehicle, Hintzen Street, Miltona.

Thursday, Oct. 7

Driving complaint, white Impala driving at high rate of speed, Interstate 94.

Assist other agency, East Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Public assist, Muyres Avenue, Carlos.

Theft, theft of laptop, Main Street, Evansville.

Public assist, East Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Theft, theft of meds from mailbox, Castle Lane SE.

10-50 with one vehicle, caller came upon an abandoned car in the cattails, County Road 108 NW, Brandon.

Driving complaint, caller reported a maroon minivan pulled in front of her and is all over the road, County Road 22 NW, Garfield.

Assist other agency, 17th Avenue E.

Driving complaint, truck doing doughnuts in town, County Road 4 SE.


Tuesday, Oct. 5

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, caller was in her garage when a Hispanic male approached her, unable to understand him much but wants to make a report, caller said male asked for the time, Lakepark Avenue.

Suspicious activity, people in a BMW sold caller gold that is fake, Evergreen Lane SW.

Juvenile trouble, North McKay Avenue.

Suspicious activity, person looking for work keeps calling and employees are concerned, Nokomis Street.

Theft, person took cash out of a purse, North Nokomis Street.

Assist other agency, Voyager Drive.

Public assist, Anderson Way.

Public assist, Aga Drive.

Assist other agency, Park Street.

Juvenile trouble, 6th Avenue E.

Fraud, caller found a wallet on shoplifter with credit cards with different names on them, items in purse were person's children's cards, State Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, did a siding job and was paid a counterfeit $100, Ash Street.

Public assist, Quincy Street.

Public assist, State Highway 29 S.

Motorist assist, Dakota Street.

Juvenile trouble, 10th Avenue E.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, Northside Drive NE.

Driving complaint, white car driving on ball field causing damage, North Quincy Street.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle by the lake, City Park Road.

Suspicious person, doorbell camera recorded man using water hose in the yard, McCauley Lane NE.

Juvenile trouble, 10th Avenue E.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Driving complaint, Ford truck drove in the grass to get in the drive through, upset because he couldn't get a discontinued item, talked to about his conduct, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Public assist, North Nokomis NE.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Drug-related activity, staff found possible marijuana in room, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, caller states neighbor's garbage overflowing onto the yard, Lake Street.

Public assist, Cedar Street.

10-50 with two or more vehicles, minor crash, no injuries, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, Kenwood Drive.

Assist other agency, Temple Street.

Motorist assist, 3rd Avenue E.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving at high rate of speed, 5th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, male party keeps driving past house, states male threatened caller in the past, 8th Avenue E.

Juvenile trouble, 6th Avenue E.

Public assist, caller cleaned house and person did not pay for it, 6th Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, male sitting in vehicle in parking lot of closed business, cleaning crew, all okay, 42nd Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, Broadway Street.

Thursday, Oct. 7

Assist other agency, 7th Avenue W.

Public assist, Hawthorne Street.

Suspicious person, male lying on sidewalk wearing headlamp, male was working on his scooter, 15th Avenue E.

Public assist, Carlos Darling Drive NE.

Public assist, Elm Street.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, Knut Street.

10-52 with two or more vehicles, two-car crash, 22nd Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller states there was a male honking and screaming at address earlier in the day, then later came back, 5th Avenue E.

Public assist, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Criminal damage to property, caller returned home to find window broken, flower pots tipped over on deck, Elm Street.

Suspicious vehicle, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller's car's lug nuts were loosened and while at work food was thrown at car, North Park Street.

Juvenile trouble, 50th Avenue W.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.