By the request from the sponsoring organization of a candidate forum for the election of a member of School District 206 Board of Education held on Sept. 13, a video recording of the forum has been deleted from the Voice of Alexandria's website.

A portion of the video has been selectively edited and distributed on YouTube by an individual representing Parents United 206, according to the local chapter of the American Association of University Women, a nonpartisan organization that sponsored the forum.

The edited clip distorts comments made at the forum by one of the candidates and violates the forum goals of educating the voters about the qualifications of both candidates, the association said.

“This action by Parents United 206 was not endorsed by either candidate and requests to remove the doctored video clip from YouTube were dismissed,” a representative from the AAUW said in an email. “The sponsors of the organization are disappointed that the forum is no longer accessible and hope that the producers of the video manipulation will reconsider their actions.”

--Echo Press staff