Monday, Aug. 23

Williams, Ashley Pauline, Alexandria; Felony 5th degree controlled substance crime - methamphetamine possession in excess of .25 grams, conditions of the court, one year unsupervised probation

Tuesday, Aug. 24

Wiita, Branden Lee, Bemidji; Theft - indifferent to owner rights, five years supervised probation, one day local jail with one day credit for time served, $577.77 fees, conditions of the court

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Thursday, Aug. 26

Burnside, Wade Quinton, Alexandria; Wrongfully obtaining public assistance - theft by false statements, concealments or impersonations, commit to commissioner of corrections correctional facility in St. Cloud, 131 days local jail with 87 days credit for time served, $2,319.53 fees, conditions of the court, five years supervised probation ; Perjury - willful and false declarations on applications for public assistance, dismissed

This is not a comprehensive report of all district court activity, rather, a brief recap of felony charges.