Monday, July 19

Assist other agency, Interstate 94.

Motorist assist, County Road 12 NW/County Road 58 NW, Garfield.

Parking complaint, County Road 82/State Street S, Garfield.

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Suspicious vehicle, State Highway 78 NW, Ashby.

Criminal damage to property, mail box hit, County Road 89 SW.

Public assist, Erickson Heritage NE.

Public assist, Latoka Drive SW.

Public assist, 7th Avenue W.

Motorist assist, Central Avenue S/County Road 82 NW, Brandon.

Firecracker complaint, Sandy Beach Access.

Personal injury accident, motorcycle accident, Interstate 94, Evansville.

Assist other agency, Main Street, Osakis.

Assist other agency, State Street E, Kensington.

Littering complaint, Colorado Circle SE.

Suspicious activity, caller chased man in black out of his shed then believes person took a shot at him, County Road 64 NE, Miltona.


Monday, July 19

Driving complaint, caller says wife stole his car and his driving to Moorhead intoxicated, State Highway 29 S.

Assist other agency, 10th Avenue SW/County Road 40 SW.

Public assist, Cherry Lane Court NE.

Suspicious vehicle, South Le Homme Dieu Drive NE.

Suspicious activity, State Highway 29 N.

Theft, State Highway 29 N.

Public assist, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, State Highway 29 N.

Harassment, Unumb Street.

Juvenile trouble, Maple Street.

Property damage crash, Nokomis NE.

Public assist, Elm Street.

Suspicious person, 12th Avenue E/Jefferson Street.

Driving complaint, 30th Avenue W.

Trespassing complaint, Jefferson Street.

Theft, Runestone Place.

Public assist, North Park St.

Assist other agency, County Road 64 NE, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, found stolen property, Evergreen Lane SW.

Public assist, Hawthorne Street.

Public assist, Lake Street.

Property damage crash, County Road 82 SE/South McKay Avenue.

Assist other agency, Jefferson Street.

Property damage crash, 30th Avenue E/South Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, State Highway 29 S.

Public assist, Lark Street.

Public assist, 10th Avenue E.

Theft, Rambow Lane SE.

Stolen vehicle, Willow Drive.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.