Friday, February 5

Property damage crash, County Road 42 NE.

Public assist, 7th Avenue W.

Fraud, caller reported unemployment scam, Neewana Beach Road NE.

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Assist other agency, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, caller reported seeing movement on his security cameras, County Road 2 SE, Osakis.

Motorist assist, County Road 34 NW.

Saturday, February 6

Vehicle in ditch, Piephos Lane SE.

Trespassing complaint, caller reported intoxicated person who wasn't supposed to be at the residence, West Lake Cowdry Road NW.

Suspicious activity, caller reported receiving strange package from New York, Lake Victoria SE.

Public assist, West Latoka Drive SW.

Public assist, Golden Gate Avenue SE.

Vehicle in ditch, County Road 14 NW, Parkers Prairie.

Sunday, February 7

Motorist assist, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Driving complaint, caller reported someone driving fast on the lake and doing donuts near fish houses, County Road 42 NE.

Assist other agency, Agnes Avenue.

Suspicious activity, caller reported watching someone take an enclosed trailer off the property, South Riverview Drive NE, Carlos.

Motorist assist, County Road 82 NW, Evansville.

Fire, power line fire, Central Avenue N, Brandon.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported storage unit being broken into, Jackson Park SW.

Motorist assist, Centennial Drive NW, Garfield.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle swerving all over the road, Interstate 94, mile marker 94, Garfield.

Public assist, Pacific Street E, Kensington.


Friday, February 5

Public assist, 7th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, Nokomis Street.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported juvenile party, Pioneer Road SE.

Trespassing complaint, caller reported someone refusing to leave the apartment, South McKay Avenue.

Fraud, caller reported signature forgery, 30th Avenue W.

Shoplifting, female, citation issued for theft, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, 30th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Irving Street.

Assist other agency, McAuliffe Place NW.

Property damage crash, Jefferson Street.

Suspicious activity, caller reported receiving a text stating multiple people were in his garage taking things, Irving Street.

Public assist, 13th Avenue W.

Theft, caller reported stolen jackets, 30th Avenue E.

Saturday, February 6

Suspicious activity, caller reported stolen items from a vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Attempted fraud/scam, Darling Avenue E.

Public assist, Madisson Street.

Drug related activity, Natures Trail.

Suspicious activity, caller reported someone sitting in a parked vehicle that wasn't running, Evergreen Lane SW.

Noise complaint, caller reported loud music, 10th Avenue E.

Public assist, Jefferson Street.

Public assist, Hawthorne Street.

Public assist, Darling Place.

Suspicious vehicle, Nevada Street.

Sunday, February 7

Public assist, 7th Avenue W.

Motorist assist, 134th Avenue E.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle swerving all over the road, 30th Avenue E.

Drug related activity, South McKay Avenue.

Drug related activity, 7th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, Evergreen Lane SW.

Shoplifting, person arrested, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Noise complaint, Highway 29 N.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.