Renee Parduhn of Alexandria was walking by Lake Mary on Tuesday, Nov. 17 when she came across a troubling sight: A swan, away from the others, was on the lake where the ice was frozen.

“I right away knew she had frozen into the lake,” Parduhn said. “I walked over closer to her and sure enough, she was.”

Parduhn called the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and they forwarded her to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Mitch Lawler.

“I told him what was up and where I was,” she said. “He was there in 20 minutes! He put on waders and got the swan out of the ice.”

Parduhn pointed out that swans can’t fly unless they take off from water so Lawler had to transport the swan to open water so it would be able to gain some strength back before trying to fly again.

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“There were others flying over while we were out there,” Parduhn said. “So it will be able to meet up, I hope!”

Parduhn said she was thankful for Lawler’s quick response and his caring commitment toward wildlife.

“I wanted to make sure everyone knew what a wonderful resource we have here in Alexandria!”