Tuesday, July 21

Public assist, Geneva Golf Club Drive NE.

Assist other agency, 17th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 5 NE.

Traffic hazard, caller reported 30 loose cattle, County Road 21 SW.

Littering complaint, caller reported someone dumping items in the ditch, County Road 30 NE, Carlos.

Suspicious person, South Gran Street, Evansville.

Trespassing complaint, caller reported many people using property only one person has permission to use, Valley Lane SW, Farwell.

Suspicious person, 7th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, Elm Street.

Public assist, Lake Little Latoka.

Assist other agency, 3rd Avenue E.

Assist other agency, North Nokomis NE.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 56 NW, Brandon.


Tuesday, July 21

Noise complaint, caller reported loud people, 10th Avenue E.

Drug related activity, Broadway Street.

Public assist, Highway 29 N.

Driving complaint, caller reported driver without valid license, Nokomis Street.

Property damage crash, 2nd Avenue E.

Public assist, Arbor Crossing SE.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle swerving over the lines, Interstate 94 SW.

Driving complaint, caller reported drunk driver, person arrested, Jefferson Street.

Theft, caller reported stolen signs, Broadway Street.

Criminal damage to property, 8th Avenue W.

Noise complaint, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, Fillmore Street.

Drug related activity, Fillmore Street.

Public assist, Unumb Street.

Shoplifting, female, 3rd Avenue E.

Property damage crash, 13th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, South Broadway Street.

Suspicious vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Drug related activity, Jefferson Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.