Friday, March 20

Driving complaint, tired driver, Latoka Rest Area.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported his mailbox was damage, believes it was between 7 and 10:30 a.m., East Lake Geneva Road NE.

Public assist, Power Lane SW.

Burning complaint, caller reported a pile brush with caution tape around it is smoldering, no one monitoring it, embers flying out of it, County Road 103 SW, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, Brophy Landing NW.

ATV complaint, caller reported four-wheeler on the ice doing donuts, concerned for safety, Lake Victoria.

Saturday, March 21

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 21 SW.

Assist other agency, 34th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller believes someone tried breaking into house, items moved, screen tampered with, Westridge Lane SW, Hoffman.

Traffic hazard, caller reported nails are scattered everywhere over the road, County Road 27 SW, Farwell.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported driver side window and front windshield were smashed, State Street, Evansville.

Shooting complaint, caller reported neighbor has been shooting firearms, Geneva Road SE.

Suspicious vehicle, County Road 82 SE, Osakis.

Sunday, March 22

Vehicle in ditch, County Road 78 SE, Osakis.

Motorist assist, Burr Oak Drive NW, Garfield.

Personal injury crash, Interstate 94, mile marker 114, Osakis.

Assist other agency, multiple reports of crashes, Interstate 94, mile marker 110, Osakis.

Personal injury crash, truck rollover, Interstate 94, mile marker 113, Osakis.

Theft, County Road 14 NE, Miltona.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94, mile marker 82, Evansville.

Public assist, Thoennes Lane NW, Parkers Prairie.

Theft, caller reported someone stole the tailgate off his truck, happened between the 18th and today, State Street S., Garfield.

Water complaint, caller had questions about blocking off access so no one drives on and falls through, Lake Reno.

Suspicious activity, multiple vehicles down by the park, Brophy Landing NW.

Monday, March 23

Suspicious vehicle, in parking lot with flat tire, parked weird, County Road 40 NW, Garfield.

Vehicle in ditch, Hazel Hill Road SE.

Public assist, Garfield.

Fire, semi on fire westbound, Interstate 94, mile marker 102.

Public assist, Garfield.

Property damage crash, County Road 4 SW.

Suspicious person, Cihlars Point Circle SW.

Burglary, house broken into, guns reported stolen, Chicago Club Lane NE.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.


Friday, March 20

Suspicious activity, 6th Avenue E.

Public assist, Victor Street.

Motorist assist, 3rd Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, 17th Avenue E.

Public assist, Irving Street.

Public assist, South Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, Dakota Street.

Property damage crash, 50th Avenue W.

Shoplifting, store has shoplifter in custody, 50th Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, 17th Avenue E.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked in fire lane, Highway 29 S.

Public assist, 34th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, Runestone Place.

Saturday, March 21

Suspicious activity, Broadway Street.

Public assist, Irving Street.

Theft, caller reported vehicle broken into, power tools and fishing gear stolen, Irving Street.

Public assist, Highway 29 S.

Noise complaint, loud music, Aga Drive.

Suspicious person, 7th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, report of window wide open, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious vehicle, Victor Street.

Sunday, March 22

Suspicious activity, three vehicles in alley, people walking, looking suspicious, 3rd Avenue E.

Suspicious person, caller reported female crawled through an open window to get into a house, Nokomis Street.

Property damage crash, no injuries, 6th Avenue E.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Motorist assist, 22nd Avenue W.

Noise complaint, loud music, 6th Avenue E.

Littering complaint, caller reported people illegally dumped garbage into their dumpster, Highway 29 S.

Hit and run, Highway 29 S.

Shoplifting, report of shoplifter who left the store, Highway 29 S.

Driving complaint, caller reported driver had bottle of beer in the center counsel, 17th Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported four pickups ripping around the grandstand, 3rd Avenue W.

Public assist, 17th Avenue E.

Noise complaint, loud music, 6th Avenue E.

Monday, March 23

Fraud, South Broadway Street.

Public assist, Fairgrounds Road.

Driving complaint, report of female driving erratically, Broadway Street.

Public assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Drug related activity, caller report smell of marijuana in apartment, Aga Drive.

Suspicious activity, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, 2nd Avenue W.

Drug related activity, caller reported finding a syringe in the street, Rosewood Lane SE.

Public assist, 5th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, 10th Avenue E.

Driving complaint, caller reported driver almost hit his kid and another kid, Lake Street.

Public assist, 6th Avenue E.

Public assist, Natures Trail.

Drug related activity, caller found a glasses case with needles and other drug paraphernalia in it, 50th Avenue SE.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.