Thursday, March 12

Assist other agency, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, Pioneer Road SE.

Public assist, Kaycee Lane NW, Garfield.

Assist other agency, Broadway Street.

Driving complaint, all over the road, County Road 11 NE.

Public assist, Talon Road NW, Garfield.

Assist other agency, Main Street E., Osakis.


Thursday, March 12

Property damage crash, vehicle hit pole in parking lot, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, caller reported someone is ringing his apartment buzzer multiple times, 7th Avenue E.

Suspicious vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Shoplifting, store has video of shoplifter, 3rd Avenue E.

Property damage crash, Pioneer Road SE.

Assist other agency, Spruce Street.

Harassment, caller is receiving harassing text messages, 7th Avenue E.

Fraud, caller reported fraudulent check on a business account, Highway 29 S.

Public assist, 3rd Avenue W.

Fraud, caller received a scam email and sent money to a fraudulent account, Broadway Street.

Parking complaint, caller reported vehicle has been parked for an extended amount time, Jefferson Street.

Driving complaint, speeding driver, Broadway Street.

Public assist, Fairgrounds Road.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked on street for more than a week, Ash Street.

Suspicious activity, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, Broadway Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.