Wednesday, Nov. 27

Assist other agency, vehicle in the ditch, Interstate 94, mile marker 106.

Vehicle in ditch, L'Homme Dieu Heights NE.

Motorist assist, report of three vehicles stopped in the roadway, no hazards on, West Lake Mary Drive SW.

Property damage crash, caller reported son's vehicle went off the road and hit a tree, County Road 120 NE.

Assist other agency, report of a crash, Jackson Park SW.

Driving complaint, vehicle doing donuts in parking lot, Arrowwood Lane NW.

Deer possession permit, caller reported deer hit by plow west of his house, would like a permit for it, Lodge Hall Road SW.

Fraud, caller reported there were charges on his card, Wilderness Ridge Road SE.

Public assist, 7th Avenue E.

Theft, caller reported motor bike stolen, Prairie View Lane NW, Brandon.

Assist other agency, 3rd Avenue E.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 5 NE.

Assist other agency, North McKay Avenue.

Assist other agency, possible drunk driver, L'Homme Dieu Heights NE.

Thursday, Nov. 28

Assist other agency, North Nokomis NE.

Suspicious activity, caller heard door open at work, walked outside to see who it was, saw tracks in the snow and around vehicle, saw a vehicle then pull away, County Road 13 NE, Carlos.

Assist other agency, 9th Avenue W.

Theft, caller reported someone stole auto parts from building on property, County Road 24 NW, Evansville.

Assist other agency, report of continued smell of marijuana, landlords not doing anything about it, 6th Avenue E.

Vehicle in ditch, County Road 21 SW.

Personal injury crash, County Road 5 NE.

Animal complaint, report of neighbor's dog outside with no food or shelter, Carlos.

Assist other agency, 17th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, blown tire on vehicle, Magnuson Road SW.


Wednesday, Nov. 27

Not available at this time.

Thursday, Nov. 28

Not available at this time.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.