Friday, Oct. 11

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 1 NW, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a woman was sitting in her vehicle on the side of the road, the woman was reportedly pulled over by a man wearing a brown deputy uniform in a regular vehicle, the man told the woman she was being detained for driving a stolen vehicle, but then the man left, telling the woman he had to go to another call, he took off on County Road 38, Parkers Prairie.

Property damage crash, one vehicle, Interstate 94, mile marker 115, Osakis.

Attempted fraud, caller reported someone tried to scam a client during a real estate closing, the client received an email in reference to the closing, asking for money to be wired, the client did not wire the money, but told the caller instead, caller said this has occurred twice in the last week, Ridgeway Drive SW.

Suspicious activity, caller had questions about a suspicious text message, Bear Path Road SE.

Traffic hazard, report of trees down on the road, County Road 82 NW.

Saturday, Oct. 12

Property damage crash, rollover, no injuries, County Road 1 SW, Kensington.

Personal injury crash, vehicle rollover, County Road 23 SE.

Traffic hazard, median sign on the road, County Road 45 SW.

Vehicle in ditch, Interstate 94, mile marker 96.

Assist other agency, hit and run, Hiebel Road SW.

Assist other agency, report of someone throwing an egg at a vehicle, Bridgeport Lane NW.

Sunday, Oct. 13

Assist other agency, report of a man stabbing a TV with knife, 10th Avenue E.

Disturbance, report of belligerent patrons who won't leave, got aggressive with caller, Main Avenue, Carlos.

Juvenile trouble, report of vehicle windows busted out, stolen vehicle, Carlos.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported a vehicle on the side of the road, driver appears to be sleeping, has laptop computer on lap, Geneva Golf Club Drive NE.

Water complaint, caller reported boat with person in it appears to be low in the water, caller thought it should be checked on, it was, person was fishing, South Lake Miltona Drive NE.

Animal complaint, report of an injured deer, County Road 3 NE, Osakis.

Suspicious activity, caller reported hearing noises in the garage, Evansville.


Friday, Oct. 11

School bus stop arm violation, Jefferson Street.

Attempted fraud, caller wanted to speak to officer about a scam phone call, Fillmore Street.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle in parking lot abandoned, been sitting in lot for about a month, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, caller believes person in vehicle is dealing drugs, 1st Avenue E.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, Green Lane NE.

Drug related activity, report of people smoking marijuana, Fillmore Street.

Parking complaint, caller reported RB parked at location for more than 20 hours, Highway 29 N.

Saturday, Oct. 12

Public assist, caller has received numerous phones about sending money, wanted help blocking phone numbers, Sumac Drive.

Animal complaint, caller reported stray cat hanging around front entrance, South Broadway Street.

Juvenile trouble, report of someone throwing an egg at a vehicle, Bridgeport Lane NW.

Driving complaint, report of a possible drunk driver, 3rd Avenue E.

Animal complaint, caller reported a dog screaming outside, concerned about dog's well-being, 6th Avenue E.

Sunday, Oct. 13

Hit and run, Broadway Street.

Theft, caller reported the theft of his debit card, was used at a gas station last night, 5th Avenue E.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported his vehicle was vandalized, 6th Avenue E.

Animal complaint, report of what sounded like dogs barking in one of the steel mobile storage containers, checked on, four dogs were found and transported to humane society, Northside Drive NE.

Animal complaint, caller reported a hurt dog, 6th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, caller reported man walking into traffic, South Broadway Street.

Traffic hazard, report of intoxicated male walking down middle of the road, 34th Avenue W.

Fire-vehicle, report of a car on fire, Highway 29 S.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.