Tuesday, Oct. 8

Assist other agency, report of traffic cones in the roadway, Interstate 94, mile marker 100.

Theft, caller reported garbage cans were stolen, Crestwood Drive NE.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, Buttercup Drive NE.

Suspicious activity, caller reported being home alone and heard the door shut between the house and the garage, Kensington.

Animal complaint, caller reported large dog roaming the neighborhood, caller has video of dog in his yard, Sailor Drive NE.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle all over the road, Highway 29 N.

Driving complaint, report of driver driving erratically, ruining the roads, Maple Drive NE, Eagle Bend.

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Driving complaint, caller reported driver in a truck with a light bar flashed the caller, Highway 29 N.

Hit and run, State Street, Evansville.

Assist other agency, caller reported man riding bike asked caller to use his phone, man was acting very strange, Anderson Way.

Fraud, caller reported call from fraudulent company stating they were coming to his house with paperwork, Osakis.

Driving complaint, report of semi hauling hay not strapped down, County Road 4 SE.

Assist other agency, semi drove off road into median, Interstate 94, mile marker 102.

Assist other agency, report of young boy hitchhiking, County Road 4 SW.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, Burtonwood Lane NW.

Assist other agency, vehicle in ditch, South Maple Lake Road SW, Glenwood.

Traffic hazard, report of furniture on road, County Road 82 SE.

Driving complaint, caller report a vehicle was tailgating her, she hit her brakes and the vehicle rammed into her vehicle, pushing her vehicle, Interstate 94, mile marker 103.


Tuesday, Oct. 8

Traffic hazard, crosswalk sign from median was laying in the street, 3rd Avenue E.

Theft, caller reported ratchet straps were stolen out of back of truck, County Road 45 SW.

Theft, caller reported employee walked off the job, leaving with the caller's phone and wallet, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious vehicle, caller has video of two vehicles chasing each other of caller's property, Nevada Street.

Parking complaint, vehicle has been parked with flat tire for more than a month, 6th Avenue.

Personal injury crash, report of male getting pinched between two vehicles, no obvious injuries or bleeding, but male feels like passing out, South Broadway Street.

Hit and run, 7th Avenue E.

Personal injury crash, caller reported vehicle pulled out in front of caller, airbags deployed, has small children, wanted them checked out by ambulance, Birch Avenue.

Suspicious person, caller reported distraught female in hallway, not sure what is wrong, 6th Avenue W.

Suspicious person, caller reported male appeared to have a gun in his pants, 3rd Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a vehicle was following and when the caller stopped, the driver got out, beat on caller's vehicle, throwing stuff at it, 3rd Avenue W.

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Parking complaint, report of three vehicles parked in spots designated for staff, Hawthorne Street.

Shoplifting, report of two shoplifters in custody, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious person, caller reported man riding bike asked caller to use his phone, man was acting very strange, Anderson Way.

Burglary, caller reported person broke into apartment and stole some items, Broadway Street.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, 3rd Avenue E.

Animal complaint, report of dog wandering around townhomes, 6th Avenue E.

Neighbor dispute, caller wanted to visit with officer about a neighbor issue, 6th Avenue E.

Attempted fraud/scam, caller received suspicious voicemail, 3rd Avenue W.

Fraud, caller reported someone was withdrawing funds from bank account, 50th Avenue W.

Public assist, caller reported male and female tried stealing his toolbox, then the male threatened his fiance, Spruce Street.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle with window down, open bottle inside, 3rd Avenue W.

Drug related activity, caller reporting smell of marijuana, Jefferson Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.